Anyone have extra legendary and Eridium to spare

Anyone have any extra legendary weapons or Eridium they are willing to part with?

You can’t trade eridium. As for the legendaries, you really should ask in the trade forum of your platform.

What platform do you play on so I can move you to the proper section?

Moved to a more appropriate section.

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Monocle. That’s what it’s for.

I see what you did there…

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Xbox 1

What do u see?

I was playing in a match and someone dropped 3 bricks

I was going to move the thread but I asked you what platform. PH being much more expereiced looked at your profile and saw you posting in the xbox one sections so moved you to that section.

Also monocle joke.

That was from them using 3rd party software that breaks the xbox TOS, so we don’t discuss that.

Who’s the idiot moderator that makes the stupid rules and acts like their a borderland God. In a game people can drop them play however they like to they bought the game they can choose to do what they want

That’s not true. Just because you bought the game, that doesn’t give you the right to break the game. These people know how the game works, but since people break the game, they look inferior. You have to follow the rules of the game. If you want someone to break the game for you, go somewhere else.

I guess that would technically be us. We don’t mind people discussing things that can be legitimately dropped in game. It’s stuff like eridium that can’t be legitimately dropped in game that we prefer people to not discuss. Hope that helps!

EDIT: to clarify, you can discuss eridium, just not the act of dropping as that function is not an included feature of the game(s).

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I drop eridium on pc

Again, we don’t allow discussion of this sort of thing here on the forums. Please make sure to read the forum rules if you haven’t yet. Thanks!