Anyone have good Mind Sweeper COM build?

Im just messing around with different builds and I wanted to know if anyone had a good build that uses the Mind Sweeper COM for Moze?

after many different respecs; I’ve landed on this for my skill trees
The points in TCP arent necessary and can be put towards IB though. Otherwise ive found this the highest base damage to start momentum and still keep basic survival

Id probably not put a point into Full Can of Whoop-Ass just because im not a fan of that skill, also what guns do you use with that build?

Its nice to actually refill some shields and have that as safety if they drop - without shields you take more damage and deal less; plus after getting in the habbit to proc annointments and target softening with vanquisher rockets -its quite nice
the new torgue crops pistol (incidiary - ranomly shoots 1 or 5 pellets)/dp alchemist; kybs worth (corrosive/shock), brainstormer (not great for micro nades but still great with crowds), dahl elemental ar’s -
Still finding more that synergize with it but hunting for a com with pistol/ smg/ weapon dmg.
Grenades i switch between a “singularity mitosis longbow” and a “cloning maddening tracker”. For shield still using a transformer

I’m not an expert on Mind Sweeper but, I would imagine the Lucky 7 with a critical hit roll + 7 projectiles roll would be amazing for a Mind Sweeper build… even if it is a bit gimmicky and hard to keep up all the time.

I would agree; but im a fan of consistency - and with the clip bonus being lost from weapon swap doesnt help

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Idk how the Shredifier would be with Mind Sweeper cuz of its sh*t damage…probably make a f**kload of nades tho…

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Q-system is incredible with mind sweeper. Go up to short fuse, and bottomless tree go up to at least specialist bear. You can put the rest of the points to get some for the road or wherever you’d like.

You’ll need a corrosive weapon or mag anointment though. I recommend the westergun for mind sweeper, kyb’s is powerful enough without hitting crits though.

Edit corrosive or cryo. I prefer cryo

i think i’d take the points out of TCP and VI and slot them into selfless vengeance. from what i understand, SV is a multiplicative damage boost, since its based off damage dealt, which is really good for mindsweeper, as you’re increasing the damage that the mini nades are based off of and then also increaseing what the mini nades deal, especially if they also crit.

it should work out to: [1.12(base x crit) + 1.12(microbase x crit)]

thats a lot more added damage than the tooltip lets on. it’s also excellent since a lot of the weapons that are great with mindsweeper force you to reload often, ie. maggie, hellwalker, or just high damage shotguns in general. the life loss from SV is almost also entirely made up by vampyr

I love using a Jakobs with my Mind Sweeper. Critical swapping Duc and Unforgiven! :heart_eyes: The damage you do from Critical swapping carries over to the damage the little grenades do. Skill tree i go all the way down Demo, pick up Redistribution from Bottomless, and Experimental Munitions from SoR.

Theres no need to critswap the new crops; i have it doing up to 1m regularly - topping out at 6m, tcp is making them chain between enemies in groups; my jacobs com had a 23% splash radius passive; its extremely hard to dodge that explosion as it pushes about 5 ft passed the counter from jack target dummy.
Ive now scrapped that along with the jacobs build i was working on; damage just isnt high enough. So now reverted back to 1 with only +30% grenade (4fitsd+1rd) and a purple deadeye relic

Cryo Westergun with an Ice Breaker artifact and the Mind Sweeper is a strong combo.

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This build with a Tsunami with ASE 2 Mags Radiation and a Radiation Tina HippyHoppy with ASE Cryo and a Shield with ASE Fire

Rainbows and explosions and…crit chains

We have a video of me accidentally ganking Traunt with this in m4

My friend the Fl4k @Spacerobots took this.

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Yeah, a decent rolled Shreddifier ain’t bad at all.

I lucked up and got a double barreled x2 Incendiary Engulfing version that chews assbutt pretty decent, even on M4.

I love the way the rifle handles and feels however the absurd rate of fire doesn’t compensate for it’s lacking of raw base damage.

Fun to mob around with though. Just wish it had that extra oomph to earn a slot in my main loadout.:sob:

Yeah, it is. Selfless Vengeance is super underrated skill, especially in builds that take Stoke(most). I love SV in Mindsweeper builds and wish I had the points to obtain it in my Raging Best build.

Lovely! This is poetry to me ole’ earbones.

i dont know if it’s underrated, i think it has more to do with a lot of moze builds don’t reload a lot so its kinda wasted. but if you reload all the time, i think it’s an auto 5 points if you have them or are going into SoR

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I tend to forget Blast Masta builds are most popular. I dove straight into Mindsweeper builds and have only minimum time with Bloodletter and Blasta.

Incendiary Flakker(revved up w/Stoked,Skag and Selfless hits super hard on Annointed enemies. I like a number of the Torgue pistols(Devastator, Occultist,etc) with it as well.

yeah, even bloodletter SoR builds don’t reload alot because most still go pretty far down the BM tree.
i think SV is perfect in an SoR DW build, and is exceptional on several of the new weapons, like the craps, scoville and the launchers. probably even the boomer as well, since its splash and benefits from FitSD.

Do you think the chaingun extra damage is better than a bipod that turns the gun into a laser beam crit machine?