Anyone have issues downloading game of Epic game launcher?

I pre-downloaded the game no issues and put 50 hours on to it with no problems, then the launcher stopped working for me and after several hours of trying to get it fixed i decided to re-install the launcher not realizing i would have to re-install borderlands.

Since yesterday i have been trying to install the game but the download keeps dropping to 0Mbs every few seconds even after leaving it on overnight it only got to 3Gb. I am having no issues with my internet. have tried downloading a movie and even a game off of steam to see if the issue happens there as well but it doesn’t. even called my ISP and they haven’t had any reported issues.

I’ve tried all the steps in the network connectivity issues section of help as well as several other ideas off of google and youtube. and it did not resolve the issue.

Not sure if this is even a problem i can fix or simply just too many people downloading the game at the same time and i’ll just have to wait it out for the next 3 months lol.

Has anyone else had these issues?