Anyone have this anointment

So I thought I mightve hit the jackpot with a drop I got last night, but as of now, I havent been able to get the anointment to work or at least I havent realized it if it did. The anointment I got was elemental crits have a chance to cause a nova for 500% elemental damage of the gun.

I got this anointment on a 8800x2 kill o the wisp which as an elemental damage value of 20k, not to mention just the way the gun works I thought things were about to get really interesting. I’ve tried the gun on every character and havent see anything impressive.

First I though it might be crazy on my splash damage moze but saw nothing. Then I figured megavore flak, surely some novas will go off and nope. Has anyone seen this anointment go off?? aybe it’s not working?

Well… Afaik it’s a gunner anoint so it wouldn’t be a big surprise if it doesn’t actually work on Fl4k. However, not getting anything on Moze is weird. I guess maybe its because it’s a Kill-O-the-Wisp, that this kind of breaks the elemental crit thing.

what i get from that anointment is that the damage bonus isn’t guaranteed… it’s random… and probably a pretty low percentage at that

yea I get that too but think about the different weapons that could come on. The wisp shoots out two balls that then shot out dozens of electrical tendrils. You’d think if any gun was going to proc it, it’d be the wisp.

i think that every single crit (that comes from an elemental weapon) has a small chance to trigger the explosion.

but seeing how chaotic things can get in this game, probably nobody will ever notice it hahahaha

I have that anointment on my M10 Krakatoa with my Fl4k. I’m sure I’ve seen some kind of explosions in enemies with a slightly bigger chunk of dmg.

I see it quite a bit on my moze with some COV rifle i found.