Anyone have xbox 360

i want to play borderlands 2 with someone that has xbox 360

Heyhey! I´ll move your post to the “Borderlands-2 XBox360 Online Play”-section of our forums.

I hope you´ll find some vaulthunters! :heart:

i want to play with someone on 360

Topics merged - Hope you find some XBox360 vaulthunters for BL2 here.

What time zone are you in, when are you most likely to be on, and what level(s) are your character(s)?

I’m on BL2 and TPS fairly often.
Gt: BTK420247

I’m in. I’m on most days. Pacific time zone GT: Malksrule

Im totally down! Just bought it last week. Gamertag is ALintentionally.

Im on most days GT is UMI2021.

Hey my gamer tag is : deadninja1389