Anyone having issues with Singularity grenades?

So, I like to use singularity grenades when mobbing for crowd control. It was one of my fav strategies in BL2, and it worked great. In BL2 they would pull in for a decent amount of time and from a decent distance. In BL3, however, I have found them to be fairly ineffectual. The radius (AoE) seems to be quite small, and not very strong at all, as the enemies that ARE affected don’t move very far. All of this compared to how they worked in BL2 of course.

I play FL4K, and being able to chuck these all around to pull the mobs in close, especially in my primarily Jakobs Crit build with all the ricochet…would be ideal. But it just doesn’t seem to work well anymore. Anyone else experiencing this, or am I just not doing something right?

Yeah they sure don’t work the way I’m used to coming off of BL2. I snagged a Quasar the other day and that one works great for crowd control but the normal singularity nades just seem…inconsistant.

I have yet to find a Quasar. So, they work as well as the BL2 sing. nades?

It works well for crowd control. It’s like having an electrified tornado in a bottle. XD