Anyone having login issues currently?

I haven’t been able to login for the last 20 minutes or so (PC) and I keep receiving the “Battleborn inventory operation timeout.” error.

Is there something going on with their servers or is it just me by chance? I saw this on launch day but I was able to get in after a few tries. I’ve tried relaunching the game, restarting steam and of course, hitting enter to the error and then trying to ‘start’ again from the start/quit screen.

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Patch time i guess let hope it will be quick

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I’m having the same problem on Xbox one

Yep. “Battleborn inventory operation timeout.”

Yeah can’t log in.
Same error.

I’m going through a similar issue.
However, I can see from my friends list that others are not.

Maybe patch time.
Maybe server issues time.

yeah same here.

Ditto for me. Just finished a great game too. Lost all xp and now can’t get back in. PS4 btw.

Same issue here on Xbox one

It’s back for me.

We were doing a hardcore mission so it didn’t affect us until we completed it, at which point we got the inventory error and the mission was apparently counted as a loss shakes fist at game. The servers are probably just having a hiccup, I would imagine they would have said something if they were patching the game.

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Hmm, the hotfix should be server side I believe and shouldn’t affect authentication. /shrug

But if that is the case, I don’t mind so much. We all want those fixes after all. Would be nice to have some transparency of the issue if that’s the case like a post saying servers unavailable at x time or something =)

Ah well, I’ll keep trying.

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Today GBX want to imply bugfixes/patches - maybe thats where these issues evolve from.

I just got in :slight_smile:

Yes. Back in

Ok in now also

Yup me too I just got in.

Bloody odd. Hotfix maybe.

That super sucks. At least you got credit for it even as a loss right? I was in the middle of advanced/hardcore the other day and the same error popped up mid mission and the match wasn’t even in my history =(

I’m hoping the client would at least handshake with server every 5 mins during game so we don’t have to waste 30 mins for a game that would not syn to server.