Anyone having success farming Katagawa/Pain & Terror for legendary mods?

I spent about an hour yesterday switching between the two and didn’t get any drops. TVHM M3. Just wondering if anyone had better luck since the new event went live.


I will post here after I have done some runs of Katagawa. My friend said he’s getting them often (small sample).

I farmed katagwa for 2 hours or so on normal im only level 30. Trying to get a legendary disruptor mod foe zane. Only got a legendary lvl 23 or 27 amara mod. :pensive:

I did about 7 runs last night at lvl 50 M3 against Katagawa jr. Got 2 legendary class mods for my class and about 10 other random legendaries.

Both drop mods , Nakajima is more generous tho :slight_smile:

I didn’t after 20 kills of the Agonized on M3. Felt so BL2.


While random is indeed random, also remember that the micropatch that enables the current event works just like a hotfix and will need to load when you start your game up. If you’re not sure that it has applied, simply go back to the main game menu - if the event micropatch is missing you’ll get the in-game “Update available” prompt.

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I am sorry to say that but random is not random. Just saying that as a mathematician.

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Would you accept “random is a pseudo-random number generator that approximates true random behaviour pretty well”? (If you’re interested, PM me and I’ll send you a link to a post from the old forums on BL RNG)

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While it’s based on rng just farmed Aurelia for 2 hours and got rampagers killowisp (so are they unique)

Confused on that?

Still don’t care I am not getting what I want. It all feels slightly boosted. On MM2 sometimes getting 2/3 legendary drops per run but on average with a few 0 runs. I am averaging 1/2 every time.

I farmed the boss 20 times yesterday, I got one class mod

I went to my girl tyreen, fast traveling from pain amd terror, in 8 runs, I got 2 legendary mods from her along with an anointed kings, anointed brainstormed, and a few others that I needed because my bank got wiped for the second time.


Last nights Kball farming started off rough, solo kills in NVHM M3 up to about 12 with no leg com drops. I was getting world drops and Tsunami’s. Then a buddy joined and after 2 runs I had a leg com double drop. Both for my character. We kept going and i ended up with 4 for Amara and a couple off characters that I gifted via game mail.

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So far I have gotten squat from farming Bosses during Boss week. However, I did notice I had to fight through several increasing levels of the Warden when I fought him a second time. The other bosses I have re-fought prior to this only had one level I had to defeat.

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Warden will always level up if his health gets low and you let him mash on one of his ads. Like any Goliath, he can do that a total of 5 times, whether story mission or not

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I’ve tried farming Katagawa every way imaginable–TVHM M3, TVHM alone with no Mayhem, Normal with no Mayhem… He hasn’t dropped a single class mod. I’m not talking a LEGENDARY class mod. I’m talking no class mods at all. He’s dropped guns, shields, artifacts and grenades. But zero class mods. In one TVHM M3 run he dropped five legendaries. No class mods among them. Real bummer.


Did katagawa 5 time last night. 4 leg mod drops. All tvm3. Did terror a few times, didnt get anything from him

Played with a friend last night and the results were:

30 runs of Katagawa with both of us in coop but separate Xbox’s hooked via internet, not split screen.

I was playing Fl4k and on the third kill I had 3 leg fl4k mods drop all of which I sold because they were horrid. In total I found 35 legendaries averaging 1 leg per kill and I sold every one of them as they were all repeats of what I had and none of them good.

My friend found zero leg mods and found 17 legendaries averaging 1 every other kill and he kept a Hellwalker shotgun and sold the rest.

Yes, I farmed him on M1 solo and got a handful of legendaries. I think I fought him 6 times. 3 times he dropped 1 legendary, 1 time he dropped 2, and the other 2 runs he dropped nothing.

Helped wife on her Zane char this morning with Pain and Terror before I headed to work. She was disappointed when it dropped a leg mod for my Fl4k that helped her :slight_smile:


Just as a foot-note - the original announcement thread has a gazillion (well, a lot anyway) of posts detailing successes and failures. Enough to suggest that as long as the micropatch is loaded into memory before you start your session, it is in fact doing what it’s supposed to. But with things still being based on RNG some folks are going to have better results than others. :game_die: :game_die:

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