Anyone having trouble connecting to BB?

I had some free time before work today and wanted to smash some PvP but my BB won’t connect. I’m online plus Netflix, BF4, and even BL2 online works and I can find games, yet BB says I’m offline.

Anyone else have this problem?

What system are you on? The hotfix causes the servers to go down for a bit but seems that was fixed for most people already


Yes. It doesn’t see me as offline, but I’ve been in matchmaking for over 20 minutes now on Xbox. I’ve seen the occasional long queue, but usually it’s cycling through finding teammates and whatnot. I haven’t matched with a single teammate yet.

I can’t even get past the title screen. Played earlier and I can log in to other stuff. PS4 also.

Firstly, Wruce Bayne is the most amazing name I think I have ever seen.

But more importantly, I’m on PS4. PST says I’m online and everything, but Battleborn doesn’t like me right now ;-(

I’m unable to play as well, says I need an active PlayStation membership to play. My membership is active and am currently playing bf4 so no issues on my end.

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When I first got in it said I wasn’t connected to the Internet, then after watching an episode of American dad in Netflix I tried again and was able to get into the command screen before it said I wasn’t connected again.
Popped in BF4 and was able to play a full match. Sad, considering I wanted to get some xp for whiskey!

Yeah looks like the hotfix is just spread out per region I don’t know how long its down in each area for but just give it a bit and it will be back up and just know to expect this every hotfix as of now since its been the same the last 4 of them.

Exactly my situation. I was worried there was a bigger issue, but if someone else literally has the EXACT situation I have, it eases my mind a bit.

Ahh, that must be it. Thanks for the info! I’ll have some time to play Sunday then and it’ll all be fine. Thanks again :slight_smile:

I haven’t tried today but this happened a couple of weeks back. It must be server side issue or due to the update.

Pretty much the same deal for me, managed to log in once, but was quickly booted again.

It sure would be nice of them to give a message indicating what is going on with this hot fix instead of telling us that we are not connected to the network or our playstation membership is inactive.


I know you are frustrated, but you have to take all the information about what a ‘hotfix’ is into account.

Adding error handling like you are suggesting would require further logic to be put in place to recognize the issue and provide the new error. This would be applicable through a patch that you would download from Steam/PSN/XBL. Since this is a hotfix and not a patch, only small changes are possible.

Additionally, the mods here have noted that downtime was likely while the hotfix was distributed (like it has each time before) so I’m not sure why this surprised anyone.

I am one of the newer players that came with the price drop. Never been on for one of their hotfixes before.

They provided information with the Battleborn Battleplan thing in the bottom right. It would be nice to have some sort of message explaining this in-game rather than the game just mysteriously no longer working.

I must not have been on during a hot fix either, as this is the first I’ve encountered of it. Makes sense though so I’m not entirely worried.

Your douche baggery is duly noted sir.

At any rate you have learned something from all this. So, you’re welcome.

Any eta on when the game will be playable? My issue has changed from needing a plus acct to unable to create a lobby.

I’m having issues on PS4, but I suspect it has more to do with PSN being weird, because the PlayStation store, my messages and update downloads are behaving strangely as well. Playing Fallout in the meantime, will try again later this evening.