Anyone having trouble getting mayhem 4 specific legendaries to drop?

I think i’ve killed Billy about 50 times (maybe more) and I haven’t gotten a single Raging Bear. Am I just getting RNG’d ?


You aren’t getting RNG’d so much as low drop rated. The drop rates for those items from their dedicated drops are supposed to be 2-3%, so they require many, many runs sometimes. There have been a lot of complaints about it.

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Been farming troy for the vosks Deathgrip for a few days now at least still nothing


Man 2-3% ? That sucks. At least farming Billy is better than farming Titan / Wotan but still. Hope these drops get buffed a little bit. Farming on M4 is already a pita as it is.

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Man 2-3% ? That sucks.[/quote]

Yes… so people (like me) are spending 4-6 hours to get one of these class mods… very good chance it will not have good stats… so if you want one with good stats, you could conceivably spends days trying to get it. Doesn’t sound like much fun.


I’ve posted a spreadsheet with all dedicated drops and their locations under loot section. Hope this helps. Loot location spread sheet! New legendaries! Every dedicated drop in the game!

This has been what some people have wanted believe it or not.
No world drops, just mostly dedicated loot drops and very low percentages of drop rates.
I’ve seen quite a few post complaining about to much legendary gear dropping too frequently and no dedicated loot sources.
So here we go, have fun farming the same thing thousands of times to get what you want to drop.
One persons fun is another persons hell.

I have spent over 20 hours valkyrie farm for the smg .
Im sure its close to 100 kills ,■■■■ all .
I would have more luck getting a discount on a blowjob from a hooker than looting this ■■■■.

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You’d think GBX would have learned their lesson. They pulled all sorts of data testing the various drop rates 2 or 3 years back in Borderlands 2, and determined that tripling the rate was the way to go. I can see dialing it back from 10%, but they knew people were unhappy with 3% years ago, why go back to that? BL2 had parts, elements, and prefixes, but now BL3 has parts, prefixes, elements, AND anointed bonuses so it’s even more layered. The issue is exacerbated if you’re farming a rare spawn for their drop. 3% is far too low especially when considering there’s no quick respawns. Mostly I’m just tired of looking at a loading screen more than playing.


This is what 4 hours of farming Tremendous Rex for just the right Lyuda looks like, and no, I didn’t get it.

I had so much loot drop that only the purple and legendaries showed up anymore. Everything else just fell through the ground when it dropped.

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I’ve stopped playing because the game is not rewarding. They’ve made it feel as bad or worse than BL2 in that regard. Massive bait and switch from day one and all the media hyping the game up.

The problem isn’t solely dedicated drops though. It’s the ludicrously low drop rates that remain unaffected by the new luck stat (which means nothing realistically?) and mayhem drop rate. Which doesn’t even encourage the use of the higher difficulties now. Everyone says bl2 has garbage drops and you have to do 50+ runs to get anything, but there were literally only a handful of drops like that and it was from cluttered loot pools that had too many items like heads and skins (like bunk3r and the warrior) where it was ridiculous.

I’m not even defending the old loot system cause it had its flaws and needs improvement for a modern looter shooter, but it was not as bad as everyone makes it out to be. Not rose tinted shades, been playing vanilla bl2 again lately and enjoying the game and the decent loot system all over again. But what people are tired of is just world drop everything, where supposedly everything has an equal chance to drop, but everyone know that’s not true. Like there is a smaller true world drop pool from enemies and bosses and a greater pool that only seems to have luck when opening chests. And the fact that the whole game is just all over the place at this point with what they’re even trying to do.

Spent 4 days trying to get the new Fl4k Rakk mod for my toon with no luck. Tried the trial on MH4 and holly ■■■■■ is that bad. The annotated tinks or whatever they are called are crazy to kill. With 3 of us playing it takes forever to get to one boss and of course no luck.

Was easier for us to play the new raid but we were on regular and MH1. Guess that would work for the mod? Was doable at least.

If anyone has an extra mod and wants to be merciful, my Xbox id is killgrow.

It’s not exactly what people wanted. People wanted to be able to go to a dedicated source to farm a specific item with a reasonable drop rate, so that they could farm up particular stats, etc… instead of wandering around hoping the item someday drops in a world drop.

What Gearbox gave us is a return to BL2 style farming with dedicated drops, but such insanely low drop rates that it is driving people crazy the same way the world drops were driving them crazy.

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