Anyone help power leveling?

Please please PLEASE
Could someone PLEASE power level me to 72 in anyway possible?!
If you can just add Take_a_h1ke

Same i also need help power leveling.

i could just power level you doing the torgue dlc which easier i say.

Could you do that?Im on ps4 btw

To dude
Add me on ps4

i could for anyone, depending on what level you want


Any level. I just want to lvl up

You there?

okay then send the friend request.

What’s your plan?

my plan?

Psn I mean

Ok. And thanks

How long will it take to get to level 72?

Dude what’s your psn name?

depending on what your current level is on your character. my psn is: AngelofLove57

Wait for borderlands 2 right?


Nvm. So what do i do