Anyone here got Quizup?

Hey guys, so does anyone here have Quizup because me and my friend are currently working on a Borderlands quiz on there because there isn’t one at the moment! I know… this had to change and we are bringing this change. We are building up this community and I thought, yknow where I could find some dedicated Borderlands fans… The Forums!!! So, here I am, asking anyone here who does have Quizup (Its a really good app if you don’t have it I would strongly recommend downloading it). If you do have it, just follow the link I’ll post below and check it out, or go on the app and type in ‘Borderlands’ in the search bar, its the one created by Ajay (Thats Me!). We are also open to suggestions for questions and we are really striving to create a buzzing community on there. Thanks a lot and stay BADASS!

The Link:

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