Anyone here plays / knows trading card games? Would you be interested in participating in a BL card game community project?

Yeah, something like that :).

So then 10 monsters per player can be on the field at once right?
That seems like a high enough cap.
Edit: Just thought of something, should monsters take up “slots”/have a predetermined shape as “balance” (Crawmerax for example could take up 2 front and two back to make a 2 by 2 square) or should “raid” level monsters have their own special spot on the field and limited to 1 per player?

Hoo-boy, whenever I throw myself into a project like this, my mind is always a buzz with fantastical ideas which develop faster than I can take note of! I’ve developed an engine or set of rules for the game, but that’s going to take a great deal of time to put into word, so I’ll right on that. I’d love to hear the input of others.

In the mean time, I’ve created mock-ups of my own. I’d love to have @joe_king or some higher-up touch base so I don’t overstep my bounds with the intellectual property. But at any rate, here they are! I’ll be providing a bit of an explanation of how I came about creating these any what the cards actually mean in the near future.

As for a disclaimer: Borderlands and Gearbox characters, properties, logos, etc. are the property of Gearbox Software. Mock-ups created as non-profit fan creations. No copyright infringement intended. Content may be deleted by the appropriate authorities at the request of the proper authorities.

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I think so long as you don’t claim these as your own (I made Terra/whatever not gbx) and(?)/or we don’t try to sell them it should be fine.

Yea, as long as you’re not selling them, there shouldn’t be any issues.

And these look AWESOME, btw. Very well done and I’ll be passing this along to the team for sure.

As an aside, some of the community are working on a (free of course) crowd sourced trading card game too. You should def get hooked up with @Exotek. I’m sure your input would be very valuable!

@Butterqup those mock ups looks fantastic man :). I really do not care who would do the design, the one who does should take the role of the project “leader”. That way we will not all be running around with the designs and games of our owns. Anyway, we need to figure out the basics for the game together, so that we dont end up with too many elements across many designs. If you want to take the role of a “leader” I can provide you all that stuff you see on my own card (icons, fonts, etc). I can take part in taking screenshots as well as provide some ideas for it. Speaking of screenshots, take the 3 picture above Ive posted and put them inside your mock up, I would really like to see how they look like with your design.

EDIT: my initial idea about the game is NOT to include weapons and equipment. That would be make the game to complex and its a lot more work. There are plenty of “monsters” to make hundreds of cards. When ive started to mess with this, I was surprised by the amount of different variation of the same enemy. Eg: skags or spiderants, even bandits…

That seems… unBorderlands though :frowning:
Would the problem be making them balanced or making an adequate diversity to simulate the RNGness of loot in Borderlands?

There are a lot of monster diversity across all 3 games, so adding gear there is something that could be hard to work out. You cant give a gun to a skag now, can you? :stuck_out_tongue:. Other than that, @Butterqup posted his own idea for the cards, and im still waiting him to show up and tell us what he got so far.

Well yeah but that’s simple enough to fix, just have them only be equippable to humans. We could categorize them by having the card background be different colors (red for humans, yellow for machines, green for wildlife?) and have the card say “can only be equipped to -insert color- type cards”.
What do you think?

I still think its a bad idea. Maybe we could make it only vault hunters and gear. That would be better. Mixing all creatures and enemies with gear doesnt seem natural to me.

I think we should make a list, of things to work on in a specific order. Like the design of a card first. Trying to work on multiple things, like the design, mechanics, and which card types would slow it down and make the progression harder.

I’ve got a bunch of ideas ill put up after I get home so wall of text incoming.

So before I start feedback both good and bad I think will be great for this project. I don’t know what everyone is thinking for rules and how to play so I thought I would toss out quite a few ideas.

I’ve played a fair amount of CCG’s, table top miniature games, some D&D and I think taking things from all of these can be helpful.

I think a combo or Warmachine/magic/hearthstone could make a good match to Borderlands and give you a bit of the game feeling on the table.

The Basic set up I am thinking of is have your Vault Hunter as your “caster” if they die you loose and you start with them on the table. This is where warmachine comes in. When I think of this I think warmachine casters relate really well to our vault hunters. Yes its a miniature game but they do have cards and stats and I think those stats can work.

If you guys are unfamiliar with that I’ll explain how they work and how it can relate. If you want all the details click on this link, if you want the short version I’ll lay it out for you here.

All your cards in warmachine have same basic stat line, Speed, Strength, MAT (melee attack), RAT (ranged attack), Defense, Armor, and Command. Then they also have hitboxes, field allowance, and cost of card/model. Last they have their weapons melee weapons have a pow that you add to strength to see how hard they hit and range guns just have pow and range. Casters have a few additional stats, Focus (this is how they cast spells and run Jacks), and WJ points which is additional points you can spend on building your Army.

Warcasters have 2 cards to give all their rules, front of card A is the stats and weapons above, the back of that card will describe any extra abilities on their weapons or special rules they have to help their army. Card B on the front will have a spell list and on the back will have the Feat, which is a once again super ability they can do (action skill… much)

So to explain how a lot of that goes into play really quick. If I want to do a melee attack I would take my casters MAT and roll two 6 sided die. If my 2 die and MAT combined to equal or exceed my targets defense I hit them, If I hit I roll two die again and add that to my pow and strengths and anything I do past my targets armor goes into the hitboxes, if you do more damage than hitboxes they die.

Pretty standard RPG stuff but it also gives us some RNG.

So to relate that to Vault Hunters… Since this is a card game there is no need for speed so we take that out. But the rest of the stats I think can work well. Focus points can be changed to skill points and instead of spells on a card you can have skills. Then instead of Warjack points you can have gear points. Then instead of feats and being once a game you can have action skills with cooldown and duration.

Some skills can be upkeepable, some can be cast once a turn. 2-3 skill points to cast, 1 to upkeep. Thats all up to balance.

Take maya for example you can cast Reaper for 2 points and upkeep it for one, or scorn would be a once a turn spell to cast for maybe 2 points.

Then on the Gear Points, gear would only be on your caster, not any other bandits or skags or anything. You would get a certain amount of points lets say 12 points for 2 guns, 1 shield, 1 com, 1 grenade and 1 relic that you would have picked out and equipped on your VH before the game. Thats 2 points for item and items would cost between 1-3 points depending on how good they were. So lets say you want a legendary com they would be 3 points so one of your items would have to be lesser quality at 1 point.

Then for your army you get a deck of 40-60 cards, magic/hearthstone style. You have a mana type source that you spend to bring those cards out, eridium maybe. Then you put them into positions in front of your Vault Hunter or rows like Exo showed above. You use the warmachine MAT and RAT combat system.

Start the game with your Vault Hunter out, almost Hearthstone style and each player draws 6 cards. Roll 1d6 to see who goes first. Then you either have your mana source as a card like Magic, or you gain some each turn like hearthstone. So things like psychos could be a single point to cast or UBA’s could be 4 points, etc…

To make melee attacks you could only attack a target if there was no enemies in the row in front of your target. Maybe zer0’s deception would over ride that rule… A ranged attack could hit any target as long as you make your roll.

NPC’s like scooter and moxxi could be like enchantments giving support rather than just more cards to attack.

I’ll finish this later, I have to go watch Frank the Tank and Slammin Sam get drafted.

In the mean time let me know what you think, yes, no, maybe, go home derch your drunk, what ever…

I think it seems pretty good. At the very least a good place to start and modify as we see fit (Hello Craw, you break the bank but you want in).

Just had random idea, what if instead of the “Vault Hunter” being the freebie/if dead you lose each player has their own “Vault” and it losing it’s “HP” represents being found and you lose?
Still could fit kinda IMO since there are lots of vaults apparently (not just on Pandora)

Checking in for the night! Boy, making Mock-ups sure is fun! One more post incoming!

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Lastly, here is a Mock-up for my concept of a boardstate while playing against one opponent after several turns. It’s entirely unlabeled, so a fair bit of what you see may be confusing.

Well, time to pry myself from Photoshop and get cracking in Notepad. My next two posts will be an explanation of the mechanics and rulings which I have devised. Following that, I plan on expounding a bit of philosophy of TCG design in general.

Lastly, I just wanted to add I in no way am trying to spearhead this project, nor am I disregarding the ideas of others; I’m just extremely enthusiastic when it comes to flexing my creative muscles. Again, this is a community driven project, and ultimately what is decided upon by the community is what will move forward. Even if not a single asset or idea I’ve contributed is used, that would be fine as long as the community derives some enjoyment from this project.

But enough chit-chat, here it is:


You forgot a terrain/landscape slot I think (assuming it’ll have such cards which I hope it does).
Other than that looks good/workable.

This is becoming one h*ck of a complicated game now. Geez Louise.

I agree.

The way i see it, we can either go Yugioh path and exclude gear and weapons and make it creatures only with locations cards, morphing/evolving cards for varkids, goliaths etc.
we can make it only vault hunters game, with gear, skills etc, like @Derch proposed and like @Butterqup already made some designs.
Also i agree with @Greasy_Broccoli

We should first figure out which path we want to go with this. @Butterqup i see you enjoy doing these mock ups (its fun i know :smile:), but right now you are wasting your time IMO. Dont get burned out on this, we need your ideas man, take it easy :smile:. So please, lets figure it out first which way we want to go with this.

Its not really that complicated. People are just throwing in ideas, that we should pick and choose from. Unless you already think all this ideas are already in the game. But then developing a community project never will be smooth…