Anyone here plays / knows trading card games? Would you be interested in participating in a BL card game community project?

Yu-Gi-Oh has equips though…

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Its not really that complicated. People are just throwing in ideas, that we should pick and choose from.
[/quote]Agreed, it’s just idea tossing right now not everything mentioned is actually in it/part of it.

Any updates here? This is looking BADASS! Great mock-ups, @Butterqup!

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Hey!!! Is this still going on? This is awesome!!!

Nope its dead. Im working solo on something when i feel like, but nothing this big. Unfortunately

Shoot. That sucks but hope something comes out cardwise

Dude, what happened?! D: I was really looking forward to seeing what everyone would come up with.

As you can see, no activity at all :confused:

Yea, that’s what was guessing. Oh well! :frowning:

I just saw this. It looks awesome.

Hope it doesn’t die. :frowning:

Live damn it! Live!

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Yea, it would pretty much be the raddest thing ever.

I’d shiv a good portion of the population for a Krieg card.

And I’ve literally never owned a trading card in my life.


So what you’re saying is more involvment from others is what’s needed correct?
Oh and apparently I should let others join in the “discussion” (just got a notification saying I’ve posted more than 25% of the replies in this thread :blconfused: )

The thing is, we have started the discussion and then came that other guy with the cards and killd it. The reason why i havent asked help for actually designing the cards or whatever is because i didnt wanted to leave the space for the project to go rogue. Ive asked joe about it and i was ready to take all the responsibility for it.
What ive needed with the brainstorming part is, since this is supposed to be community project, is that people here actually figure out the cards, the balance and all the stuff, while i would be the one to draw it all.