Anyone in Asia having a hard time playing?

I am from Singapore. And I often get a red bar when playing public campaign (edit: on my PS4). Back in Halo 3 i wouldnt mind this so much. But in a game like this, I do mind. Like when I play Attikus, I am always unsure if I land my hits because it is so jerly with the lag. When I play Benedict, the double jump is so jerky for a while I thought he can only double jump after I unlock his perk at a certain level(I found out later when I am playing private that he can double jump by default.) I dont have the best internet connection but it is enough for me to play Division with little lag and watch netflix at HD quality with no pauses.

A bit off-topic, but is there difficulty scaling based on number of players in campaign? Did they mention this in-game and I missed it? I feel 1 player or 5 players the difficulty is the same and so therr is no incentive in playing solo.

Thanks in advance!

Are you on PC or Xbox/PS4? For PC, I only have a redbar when I change my location to US server, which I need before I can play because there are no players in SEA. Singapore internet is good enough for gaming as long as you are on board band, so that’s not the issue.

PS4! You’re from Singapore? What you mean by change location? I think the game will automatically throw you to a US server if it is the server that is available right? Yeah I am totally fine if I get to play with asian players. But I rarely do. I guess what I wish is, do sth abt the jerking? I can still adjust if my bullets/projectiles lag a bit. But the jerking really affects my gameplay.