Anyone interested in being gaming pals? (PS4)


This is my second playthrough and I have these weapons that I can’t use because I’m only level 20 (I think).

So if you’re interested in leveling up and having a gaming pal, let me know!

Please note: I am a noob at this forum thing. If it matters, I have a PS4 and yes, I know how to play games even though I’m a chick.


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I switched you over to the correct section.

Best of luck!

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Thank you!

Please feel free to ask any questions you may have.

A few tips for you @mlnwd90.

List times that you may be available, as well as which particular character you tend to play on. You did very well listing your level of experience. Some people don’t mind teaching aspects of the game, they actually enjoy it, others want speed runs to level.

Listing what you expect is best.

If you get 0 hits, and need help on PS4, I wouldn’t mind jumping on one of my ALTs and giving a hand every so often.

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Thanks again!

I wish I could list times, but I only go on the weekends. Whenever. There is no set time because of my weird life schedule.

I’ve posted in the other forums, that I’m just interested in leveling up. And trying to complete every mission (except I hate the timed ones). I’ve played it on the PS3 so theres thats. Kinda focused on the story rather than cool weapons and whatnot.

Thanks again for your help. Feel free to add me: peet_a_

Are you just looking to level up or do you want somebody of the same level to play with you?

Both haha.

I’d definitely love to level up this time, and it’s nice to play with other people. Although I don’t do it every single time. When I play in random groups, they usually run through the main mission and don’t take their time for side ones/getting better weapons.

I’ll be on this weekend if you want help power leveling or farming. If you just want a slowish play through I can do that as well. Do you have a headset and mic?

I can help you out. you can add me if ya like. my psn is dmntdmstrmnd. I have tons of guns and things I can give you when you level up as well.

Yeah, I have both. Thanks a lot! I really appreciate your help!

Aight. I’ll add you. Thanks in advance for the things haha

What’s your PSN so I can add you?

You can add me, I’m around level 20 right now. My PSN is ShadyManOG


Hey add me I’m just starting a new axton but won’t take too long to level up and do play through 1
Psn IdlePhantom

I’ll add you sometimes tonight. Look for peet_a_


i’ll prolly be jumping into the game some again. i’ll play anything really.

i’m in PST time zone, playing 6pm and after. or very early morning 5-7am.

also chick.

I’ll add (if you haven’t)


Usually play at nights as well

I’m in uvhm and will do whatever, story, side, dlc, derp around. Different times on weekends and evenings during the week, I’m central time. Send a friend req if ya want, psn: urban-stag
( chick too…olderish )

I’m up for some playing action. I’m looking for
someone who is after getting all the trophies…
My user name is War_Lord_1978