Anyone know a good method to use to powerlevel?

I need a good method.

Pyro pete bar, you can powerlevel yourself ig u have a high level character, easy 1-50 in an hour,

I find Pete’s Bar to be the best.
If you can, try to find:
E-Tech Vladof/Maliwan/Tediore Launcher (Topneaa/PBFG or Norfleet/Bonus Launcher)

  • IMO, best source for these is the Train Chest in Tindersnowflake DLC
    a Sham Shield
    low level Logan’s gun or Kerblaster, or a Torgue AR that shoots a secondary rocket per shot

The E-Tech Launchers have AOE shots that will hit enemies behind walls,
so spam the bar area with them
when you run out of rockets, with the sham shield on, shoot the floor with the Logan’s Gun
or your weapon of choice to regenerate rockets
Rinse and Repeat :smile: