Anyone know a good place to farm for a Kielbasa? (Torgue shotgun)

Been trying to find it out in the wild as I make builds and play with them but my luck is just awful. The search for this gun is a pain…

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Try Gun Gun, in normal mode. I use the Plaguebearer extensively and Torgue mails me a lot of nice Kielbasa/Bangsticks

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Wait why normal mode? Why not put it on True vault hunter mode on Mayhem 10 with gun gun?

You know because of the anointed increase rate and better stats on the gun in mayhem. (At least I think that’s how it works. Might be wrong somewhere in that.)

Also I’m very poor on eridum. T_T

I meant not enable the legendary firing mode of the Gun Gun lol

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Might try that when I actually get rich on eridum again.

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I see them in vending machines often enough… I check them all regularly for shields/COMs, but I don’t pass up a weapon machine either.


It’s rare that I come across one from a vendor. However when I do it’s often not a good roll of parts with it or the anointed isn’t meant for me. T_T

SIGH my luck. T_T

What are you looking for? Level 60, MM10, purple rarity I assume… what anointment? Other stats? I’ll keep an eye out.

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Although I’m not too hung up on annointments I wouldn’t mind it being phaseslam weapon damage since that’s what I play the most or on action skill end annointed as well. Some way or another increased damage is what I would be looking for. (However I been trying to find one with something like a fire rate annointed.) :sweat_smile:

Stats not too picky on and not really caring for any double penetrating part benefits.

Honestly at the end of the day I just want a Kielbasa. Heck I remember saying this not too long ago, I REALLY want a way to farm for this gun. :sweat_smile: WISH THEY WOULD MAKE IT POSSIBLE in some kind of way. Rather than haing to rely on COMPLETELY 100% gun gun that eats up my eridum or praying to find one in the wild with odds of that being almost never for me. :rofl:

Also yes of course lvl 60 MM10

Sigh someday I’ll get one. The last time I had a really good Kielbasa was back when lvl 50 was the cap .

I miss that gun…it was almost perfect but still AMAZING! T_T

What platform are you on?

edit - I just found these and bought 'em. They’re yours unless you’re on Playstation or a Switch (I’m on PC, but am pretty sure I can even get them to you legit on Xbox if that’s your thing).


That X13 one is nasty lmao

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I’m on PlayStation. :rofl: :skull:RIP! THOSE ROLLS THOUGH OH MY…FREAKING GOOD.

Maybe I should just start farming vendors in Sanctuary for that gun…

I thank you for trying to help though. :joy:

I just found this one. If anyone’s interested in one of these within the next day, just let me know.

edit - scratch that; I accidentally sold them. :neutral_face: