Anyone know a hornet build?

Ok so I’m working on some legendary weapon guides for this game and I was thinking of covering the hornet. I have been told I should mention specific characters and builds that these weapons work with. Does anyone know any for the hornet?

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Hornet gets Grenade Bonuses from Splash IIRC so here’s a decent Axton Build for Corrosive Weapons and very quick Turret Cooldown
Corrosive Hail
Corrosive Badaboom or Norfleet
Legendary Soldier
Corrosive Fastball
Big Boom Blaster or Blockade or Antagonist
Corrosive Bone of the Ancient

It’s pretty much the best corrosive pistol in the game for everyone but Sal, but it’s espically good on Krieg and Axton, because of its very high damage output and splash damage (that gets grenade damage).

There are a few weapons that can compete with it, notably the Teapot, Corrosive Anarchists, and the Gub (with the later 2 being generaly better choices on Sal), but none of them will but out quite the same amount of damage.

While it’s a Legendary weapon, it doesn’t have any odd gimmicks that one really needs to work around with a one-off build other than maybe the grenade damage as was mentioned above. Pretty much any gun build (and play style, for that matter) will work with this pistol. It might be easier to list the few things that do not work with this weapon (gunzerking being a good example).

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Ok cool thanks guys!

Here’s a link to the video sorry for making it so late :frowning: