Anyone know effective builds for running thru op8?

As I said I need some help finding a effective build for just casual gameplay as the commando, or at least just some1 to say what I should keep a eye out for

Do you want an explosive based build, turret based, or a mixture? After that I can help more

This is similar to what I used to solo to OP8, except I used LDE instead of Grit:

It works welk with any gear. Ideally, Legendary Soldier and/or Legendary Engineer COM, and Bone of the Ancients.

I’ve used the same build to solo Invincibles (Pete, Hyperius, Son of Craw)


As long as I can efficiently kill things

Thanks, will have to try it

Axton, in my opinion, doesn’t have a lot of skills that aren’t worth their weight in points. There are some that I shun that others love, and vice versa, but there’s generally agreement about the following:

  • Laser Sight - test results are inconclusive at best, downright negative at worst. Some of us put a single point into it just so we can see what the turret is focused on during messy combat, but if that info isn’t useful to you, pass.

  • Duty Calls - it works as advertised, but unless you’re playing a non-elemental allegiance build of some sort, you should be taking advantage of elemental damage buffs often enough that this skill becomes useless.

Community guide: as good a place as any to start.


I’m a fan of Duty Calls, but only because of the Bekah. To my knowledge, it’s the one gun powerful enough to justify not going for element matching. The fire rate from DC does nothing for it, but 25% extra damage on that gun? Yes. Yes. Yes.

So… That’s suuuuuper niche.

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My new Axton is specced into the Gunpowder tree (and is now level 52 in UVHM) and the only elemental weapon he uses extensively is a level 42 Murdering Slagga. Intend to get a new Lascaux ASAP and am really enjoying using Jakobs gear with him…

summoning @DemoniteBL

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Here’s what I run.

Works with multiple class mods and doesn’t have to use torgue guns.