Anyone know how to do a Badass Glitch on the Xbox One?

Here is my question… I play Borderlands 2 on the Xbox One, and all I know is that gaining rank is freaking ridiculously daunting. I am not one to cheat at games as I have like 10 actual days of play time on the game. This shows my dedication to the game and to all of Gearbox’s amazing work. I simply want to make real progress in my characters as I am a level 62 Comando, yet it’s a difficult challenge to maintain ultimate vault hunter mode with his current stats alone. So first I would like to ask a few question…

  1. Are there any Badass Rank glitches on the Xbox One?
  2. Is there anyone who wants to help me conquer Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode?
  3. Lastly, are there others having the same problem?

To all those wanting to join me in my adventure, just add my Gamertag and send me a message :wink:
Here is my Gamertag: Singularlime57