Anyone know if Gearbox is planning something with premades vs randoms?

I know its been mentioned by players in beta forums, but is there any consideration as to separate premade vs pugs? Yeah I know, team based game and all that, but some people just want to play 1 or 2 matches without any commitment to a premade and being stuck for 2 or 3 hrs 'cuz nobody will team up for 1 or 2 matches and that’s it…been tried and doesn’t work that easy.

Was just curious, that is all.

yeah i wish they would fix this. i know on pc it wouldnt work right now because they only have a few players on steam that play bbb, but on console it would work great. my queue times are pretty slow whenever i queue with a team on ps4, but i think that is because of the elo matchmaking, or whatever it is. maybe if they removed elo based matchmaking for premade v premade? i think if you’re in a team you shouldn’t be concerned about playing better players that are all in a team. it is kind of like going to the zoo–you should expect to encounter animals lol.

I started playing at 6pm last night, it took an hour for the first match and we got a 5 man premade, 40 mins in the que again after we lost we got the same 5 man premade, and again 30-40 mins after the loss we got them again.

With que times like this (Aust player PC) if they split the multiplayer pool by premade the que times would be horrific… I know it sucks dying to premades but on the other hand not all premades are automatically good

im not exactly a network engineer, but im pretty sure there are different dedicated servers for each region. i dont think they should implement premade v premade on pc even in the us. there simply isnt enough players to support it. but in the us, on console, it would be fine. i queue solo and get a premade. then after that game i get put against another premade. then another, and so on and so on. each time i am with a different group of randys. it really would not be hard to put them against each other on console in the us

I actually would rather wait…we already have to wait more than 15 mins in queue…might as well wait for an actual pug vs pug match. The odds of premades being bad are slim and more so in PC where you are likely to be up against the pug that steamrolled you few matches ago due to its low population. I write this, because it happened to me and few others already. :weary:

I had people leave the matches as soon as they see the opposing team have 2 premades of 2s…right now matchmaking is solely based on what the opposing team is made of and if it’s premade and your team is pugs…gg either people afk or just quit…quite disheartening to be honest

good to know. glad there is at least some support for my thoughts even on pc where queues are incredibly long. im getting premades every game on console. its a mess