Anyone know if OP10 raids are still possible with bloodsplosion now?

Hey everyone,

Like everyone we are all playing BL3 or trying to complete it, but I cannot forget my boi krieg. Last I tried only pete is viable, I know hyperius and vorac are possible but you need to bring in fodders (which greatly diminishes efficiency). Did gearbox unintentional nerf krieg bloodsplosion with the new BS DR?

Who knows xD

Note: krieg boi is really strong at mobbing still, its only the raidability.


Bloodsplosion’s ridiculous exponential damage is still the same, it’s just the additional damage resistance at OP10 combined with the greater health of the raid bosses that’s making it harder.

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I know the skill or should I say the sets of skill needed to chain bloodsplosion still works fine. Before bl3 release I tried to redo all the kills I have gone for during 72 OP8 days. Interesting enough, the debug messages in console actually show how much each bloodsplosion does, even with the increased healthpool and even with vorac and hyperius broken hp multiplier, I can hit above their health, like the dragons for example, i have easily hit 500 billion damage, nothing in the game at op10 (except stupid ol dexi) has that much health, but the nova don’t damage them or reach them. I doubt its that bad rng xD. Hence why I asked here xD

Thanks for your response though ol friend.

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I’m not aware of any stealth nerfs to Bloodsplosion’s range nor have I seen any discussion of that. That doesn’t mean it didn’t occur, however. I’m not sure how you’d test that, as it’s such a finicky mechanic to begin with.

I’ve been running Mania/Hellborn(with Bloodlust down the “L” for good stuff w 10 extra pts) for Op10 raiding.

Also I take Strip the Flesh.

No scope Hails, Slowhands, Creamer, Harold. Sometimes Interfacer, Flakker, Twister, Ogre.

Too hard to Bloodsplode on a lot of bosses. I’d I grind it out legit, Unlike the healing from Hell.

Also, Hail, gets pushed by stf and all. It’s super underrated raiding weapon.

Too bad it’s a POS in 3.