Anyone know the name of the song that plays when you start the campaign?

You know the one, the song that plays while showing who’s playing who while the characters taunt? Been looking for that for awhile and still can’t find it.

tried using shazam?

Just did, couldn’t find anything still.

Are you talking about the song during the animation prologue? If so, it’s “Deltron 3030 - Countdown”.

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Heh, who doesn’t know that one yet?

I mean the song that plays on every campaign once you selected your heros.

That’s what I thought, I just wasn’t sure. I would bet it’s apart of the Battleborn score. If not, I have no idea.

Guess I’m pretty much screwed then?

Looks like it, lol. Unless the Battleborn soundtrack is released, whenever that would be.


keep fingers crossed for a soundtrack release, although not sure i would be happy paying a second time for the terrible rap

The background score is definitely Brazilian. Muita legal :sunny:

Could just listen to it on youtube.