Anyone know what the 6.75GB download is? Xbox One

Does anyone know what the 6.75GB download is? Xbox One. Game crashed trying to change my character’s name and the second I was back at the dashboard it tells me there’s an update. Since I don’t see anything here from Gearbox, anyone else have an idea?

Okay, so it downloaded, there is no file. It looks like it patched the game. Under More Options, File Info on Borderlands 3 it reads - ProjectOak_1.0.0.6_neutral_mna39bk2p9xg2 - It’s showing an install date of 9/11/2019 and Update Date of 10/24/2019 2:27 AM

As I read it it is a literal update, and given the size it has patched the game. What it updates, I’ve no idea. But, who knows, the Update Date is also very close to the time the game crashed.

It’s the Bloody Harvest download.

Xbox cleared it early for some reason.

It’s not live yet though.

No micro-patch for the last portion of the event? Interesting. Thanks for the input!

It’s patch that makes Moze unplayable.
Vampyr doesn’t gave HP/shield back, can’t regen grenades.
Basically go to fight without Life steal.

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It’s funny you should say that, as I was literally winding down playing for the day and it was Moze I was logged in on when it crashed. (To clarify, this download had nothing to do with the crash. at least, I don’t think it did…)

i think its a bug with moze here are the patch notes

there stands nothing about vault hunters so idk

So this is the content for the last week event, The Bloody Harvest. We have a new NPC on the ship, a new menu and it seems to have rolled some of the micro-patches into this as well, and not everyone is so happy about those mico-patches being made into perma-patches.

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hope the hotfix will fix my moze