Anyone know what these skulls are?

Was playing through Bloody Harvest and saw that you can interact with these. I see that there’s a blocked off chest, so is this some sort of puzzle? After messing with one, I wasn’t able to interact with the others. How does it work?

There are 4 pumpkins at the top of the stairs leading up to these.

From left to right pull the chains in the order of pumpkin color to solve a puzzle and open a secret room


AH, gotcha. Thanks for the help!

Now, time to reload my game because I broke two of the pumpkins like a fool.

I have tried this twice and it failed both times. Not sure if I’m color blind or it’s bugged or what. First two pumpkins look to have the same color so I can’t seem to get past them. They both look pink. I use the pink skull and that seems to work but then the next pumpkin is the same color so I don’t know what to pick. I pick blue and it fails because I picked wrong. I don’t get it.

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Just pull them in order from right to left. So if say there are 2 pink on the right and 2 yellow on the left then pull the pink skull twice then the yellow one twice

Ok thanks. Will try that. I thought I did try that but it didn’t seem to work. Will try that again.

Just to clarify as it hasn’t been mentioned, if you are standing at the skulls, facing toward the stairs looking down the stairs, it is right to left, not left to right when looking up the stairs. All pumpkins could be the same colour.

You mean left to right.

these skulls are tied into the “pumpkin Puzzle” achievement, others have explained how it works already. Just thought I mention what its actually for :slight_smile:


It’s right to left if you come back out the door where the skulls are located.

When I posted that there was a typo that said “it is right to left, not right to left”

In retrospect I should have worded myself better.

Helpful hint, careful with explosions in that room. Grenades can pop the pumpkins before you get a chance to see them. I recommend running it, looking and then clearing the room.