Anyone know where Derch went?

Been missing his content a lot, getting close to a year since he’s uploaded anything. Just wondering if anyone knows where he’s been and if he’s coming back or not

Not really, I think I recall seeing him once on here quite some time after BL3 launched.

iirc he said something about family or personal matters or maybe someone close to him said this, don’t nail me on it.

From what I’ve heard he had to stop due to IRL stuff, but there’s nothing specific about it.


Been looking for him since his last actions. He just went on some kind of blackout on ALL of his channels. Even facebook, Twitter and so on.
Been worried for the longest time as he went w/o any notice which is weird. He doesn’t seem loke that kind of guy.

Getting away from social media is probably one of the healthiest things you can do for yourself. I imagine it’s extra important for youtube people who live in an empty room playing a video game to death for the sake of cOnT3Nt


True that!
Still more than strange for someone like Derch to just disappear without information. And he didn’t even came back in those 8-9 months and tell us “I quit playing or am having personal stuff to tske care of” or something.
That’s not him so I’m thinking more and more something bad happened to him.

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From his Twitter a few days ago:

“I’ve been getting the itch to play and record again but it’s kinda hard because I’m working from home and I spend 8 to 19 hours a day at my computer, then to go back to that same spot feels wrong. So it’s been hard to want to game because it feels like work”

Don’t just look at tweets, look at answers.


Thank you for posting that! I really was getting worried but I did not check answers in twitter.
Feeling better now!

Good to know he’s ok. His content is still my favourite and he’s not the kind of creator to just keep churning stuff out because he has to, I kinda thought he just got fed up with the game and packed it in for a while.

That’ll be a hell of a lot of catching up to do if he starts making content again though - about 3 dozen hotfixes worth!