Anyone know where you can find the bloody harvest haunt fight music?

I find the fight music very fun for boss fighting and can’t seem to find it online. Thanks in advance.


Didn’t read close enough you were looking for the Harvest, not sure if it’s on there. Going to leave the link anyways in case it does help someone.

If you do find it, I’d like to know as well.

Did find a youtube with it, nothing official but it is the correct track. The first link is the whole thing the second one is just the second part of it.

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It is not on the soundtrack as far as I can tell.

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Yeah, sadly not. The youtube links suffice I hope.


Some of the tunes in this game are great… like I’ve been gravitating to the Anvil for basic mobbing as much because of the music as anything. I don’t have an account on Spotify though.

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