Anyone know why shooting the complex root kills me?

Lol… other than that, i kind of like it.

Amara indiscriminate kill you. Cuz it flies everywhere

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Splash Damage. And your shield can’t take it. The way Mayhem 2.0 works, your gun is much stronger but your shield is not because enemy weapon/damage is not scaled. But when your own scaled-up damage manages to hit you, down you go.



Actually, it doesn’t seem to matter how I try to use it…the complex root. Kills me every time. I shoot far away, I shoot close, the electric line chases me and kills me. Playing as Moze, using the Transformer, lvl 60.

If anyone has insight, love to hear it.

So my thinking is this: the root hits and then spawns into multiple projectiles. Each of this projectiles gets doubled in splash radius but for whatever reason due to the programming each of these projectiles is doubled. So when the game displays this and calculates it, the radius is now exponentially bigger compared to the original size. So for example say the root spawns 8 projectiles (The roots you see). The game says okay the original splash radius is 100 units. Now it is doubled. But it’s 8 projectiles so for each of those other 7 projectiles, it is doubled again. So its 100 to the power of the projectile count instead of 100 x 2. So I think what is happening is an exponential increase in splash radius based on the projectile count.

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lol…I don’t know, maybe. It’s a very interesting thought!

There are YouTube video’s though, of people shooting it with no problem.

Edit: lots of you tube comments having my same problem.

Fire in the skag den does a lot of damage on M10 and will one shot you even with transformer.


I have one and it dosent kill me. I was playing on m5 when it dropped as Zane with a barrier so not sure if that makes a difference but I don’t notice any damage when using it. It’s been a lot of fun.

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The +Area of Effect bonus on artifacts is what causes a lot of this. Messing around on Moze I found that using no TCP and +AOE on passive makes it barely usable at range without self damage. TCP alone without +AOE is usable a bit closer. The combination of the two will kill you from across the map every time. With neither equipped you can use it from fairly close range.

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Solution! Wear a snowdrift.

Fire in general direction of enemies,
180 turn,


I’ve noticed that you may need to take a few step back while you shoot, the splash damage is REALLY BIG.

Also playing as Moze, also have a The Transformer shield. Tested it last night and did not die- don’t know if i got lucky or what but made sure to keep moving and keep objects between myself and what I was shooting.

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If you hit the ground or wall the projectiles bounce back at you. Test it and you will see.

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Skag in The Fire Den will make it go through the Transformer and insta kill you

The projectiles get destroyed when they hit a wall from what I’ve seen. Moze can make the Splash radius fill the entire visible screen making it possible for her to kill herself.

I’ve have friends tell me they could see the blast through walls when fighting in buildings.

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Thanks everybody!

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At around 3:35 he shoots a wall which reflects and kills him. Spends a large portion of the vid talking about the projectiles reflecting back.

@cmthomas45 it’s a good gun, just make sure there is always cover you can get behind after firing

I’ve played a little bit with it on amara and the best results without killing myself I got with aoe dmg on artefact and NO splash radius on com, if I equip both I die nearly every shot. And with a snowdrift to get away from melee mobs. Sometimes the shot comes back exactly the way I shot it, so be sure to move sidewards after shooting :smile:
But the gun seems bugged to me when combined with ties that bind. Everything dies even those who are not affected by ttb. I don’t think the root was intended to one shot 4 kraken and both parts of wotan and myself on m10 in true takedown. Even every mob died, so i couldn’t revive myself. Happened to me yesterday.

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Unfortunately the video is incorrect. If the shot hits a wall it bounces a short distance and is distroyed.

The reason he got a special projectile is because it leave a trail along the path of the original bullet. So he was just far enough from the wall for the closest special projectile to spawn.

The normal explosions aren’t usually this big. Chances are K6 had AoE on artifact or some other splash modifier.

My friend shot the same gun I had and his explosions were only a little larger than the original shots. On moze I can fill the entire screen and I can easily kill myself from a standing position or even when I turn and run.

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I’ve only got 1 point in Fire in the Skag Den so maybe that’s it- that and to keep moving and having cover. Will test it again later.