Anyone know why shooting the complex root kills me?

Cool guys don’t look at explosions… They set them off n they walk awaayy

I’m using it fine with a transformer, but i had to take all points out of Fire in the Skag den and Clouds of Lead; the incendiary from either is enough to kill you. (I’m also avoiding green monster)

lol… I die if I turn and run.

Or, hear me out here, don’t use the guns that kill you.
Or do cause there is nothing to spend your in game money on anyways except revives and respecs.

:rofl: I don’t have any problem with Fl4k except if I go real close. I do note not to try this with Moze or Amara though I might that got me a bit curious to see if it is this bad

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It is. Was using it with moze and the Fl4k I play with said it was like he was being flash banged and I would die from across the area.


I redid my Lvl 60 Moze playing at M10. Complex root no longer kills me and does no visible damage to Lvl 61 bosses. On the plus side, IB is now very helpful.

If you have Splash Damage or AOE dmg passives on your artifact and/or classmod, it’ll down you when you shoot it. No Splash or AOE = no auto self dmg (unless you run into it).

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The flashbang effect is the part i hate most about it, that’s just unnecessary nonsense.

Not sure why GBx decided in general that no one should ever see in this game, despite it causing performance issues that have needed multiple scalebacks to still be obnoxiously screen-polluting, but they’re all about that sorta thing apparently

This gun is so broken, it beats literally everything in the game previously. With only 30% aoe from relic, this gun has so much aoe that I literally need to sprint away with speed demon on my zane with FULL SPEED BONUSES and it still kills me sometimes. The damage? It insta kills the entire map. Pre nerf yellowcake was a joke compared to this.