Anyone like Sci-Fi books?

(Arcxna) #1

Hi all, I don’t really frequent the off-topic forums since I only post about Borderlands, but I’ve come to the forums to ask if there’s any avid readers out there looking to give some feedback on something for me?
My friend is aspiring to be an author and is severely lacking in the feedback department.

Now, Borderlands and other Gearbox games being of a Sci-Fi (sort of) nature, I felt a few people might get a kick out of reading this and it only helps my friend out. The book , called [Phosphorus][1], is free to download and have reviews made about it. It takes a couple hours to read for someone who reads at a good pace.

I would greatly appreciate if even just one person who posts on this forum took the time to read. :slight_smile:
Thanks all.

Edit: JUST A SIDE NOTE, I am NOT the author of this book, so if someone reads it and does not like it then please, do not direct your criticism at me, I might be friends with the author but I don’t see him every day haha.

(Brian with an I) #2

This writing needs to be heavily edited. That’s not meant to disparage, all writers need good editors. I can chalk some of my confusion up to the continental divide, but there’s a lot of words that need to be replaced, sentences that need restructured, etc.

Again, not meant to disparage. I read voraciously but can’t write a grocery list that makes sense.

(Arcxna) #3

Being his first work, even he knows this! His best shot at an editor was me and well, I might be good at English but I’m also by no means professional haha. I’m sure for his next work (which will be a continuation from this one) he’ll be spending more time working on the feedback received. What did you think of the story though? :smile: