Anyone looking to level up their low level characters?

Right I’ve just started a brand new youtube channel it’s still in development I’m looking to make a short series on the fastest ways to power leveling up charcters. I see a lot of videos saying this is the fastest, or that is the fastests. I would like to look at some xp rates per hour to finally come up with the penultimate answer! any help would be greatly appreciated and I will be sure to leave you a mention. heres one of the videos i quickly made


Thanks minions!

I’ll level with u I need to level up my claptrap

So the best way is to push the mission boundaries. When you need to weaken something to kill it right after in a special way, kill it as fast as you can and see if it fails the mission. If it doesn’t, keep killing until you are 5 or 10 levels higher. 2 good examples of this are the turret calibration part, and the side quest monster hunter which you get after the last story quest.