Anyone Love the customization coming to BL3 as revealed in the gameplay reveal?

Borderlands 3 looks amazing if you have not seen it go watch it on youtube ! It looks amazing as well as better lighting and more character customization . There is also supposed to be more bosses and loot can’t wait for it.

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Yep, can’t wait to make Zane look like a feral cyberpunk. He’s gotta have a mohawk option, along with some techy looking skins. His color palette will be green, because 1) Favorite color and 2) Irish

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Actually customization options will extend to the guns themselves as well, not just the characters.


Wait, What?
That’s epic!

That, And I saw Customisable skins for the Echo, and you can change Emotes
While obviously cosmetic, I absolutely love that I could do a fairly large amount to customise my Vault Hunter (I’m thinking of playing Fl4k, btw)
I wonder If they’ll do something similar to what they did to the Pre-Sequel, where they made a bunch of skins for the BL2 characters, I’d like to see some references and skins that honour the previous games and characters.

Since customisation options can be found in random loot (and shift codes), it’s not that far fetched if they made emotes and echo skins obtainable in gameplay, or secret, legendary options that are only a rare drop from a certain boss or enemy.

oh, I can’t wait!

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Great sounds good see ya in september.

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