Anyone max lvl can help me lvl? Xbox 360

Can someone please boost a few levels considering im underleveled for rk5 and cant beat him. If so just add me MakaLaka (Xbox 360)

i cant but a good method is to either put your game on open so randoms can join you or just go to R&D and keep killing the stalkers there and if your in TVHM then kill the rabids that spawn because i did that and about 6 rabids spawn sometimes.

I can . send a message on Xbox if we are on at the same time (everyday 9pm to 1am EST) and I will raise you a few levels

I’ll assume your gt is your name here, if not no rush to get back to me but im usually on those times as well. Also I am lvl 44 now and stocked up on quite a bit of gear to hold me off til 50

Yes, GT is same, will power level tonight. Going Level 50 or little lower?

Level would be great if at all possible, kinda tired of being restricted my play through and all its side quest and raee drops because I’m not max level and can’t really get them legit other wise. (I hate to count the grinder as legit, thing is a dupe machine lol)