Anyone Miss Hellborn Krieg's Monologues?

I can’t help but feel like my Hellborn isn’t the same without them. Even if they weren’t as frequent as they were, I just can’t get over how silent he is. I loved that part of Krieg so much. I felt like it really made him a unique character if you decided to go down that tree.

I had noticed it before, but thought it was some sort of glitch… but re-visiting BL2 in the Handsome Collection made me question why they were gone.

Why Gearbox? I miss my chatty Kreig~ Especially when my friend’s Kriegs in other trees are yelling up a storm.

Gotta miss my favorite rant about winning best supporting actor in that meat play. ;A;


'Keep warm!"

I agree. But a very vocal minority wasn’t happy with how talkative he was. I wish there was a toggle or something so if we wanted to hear him rant then we could or if you’re in multi and you’d prefer to listen to your teammates then you can toggle it off.

yea i agree too. it wasnt that bad, i dont know what all the fuss was about. i find my character is more annoying when everytime i get a critical hit they shout out stuff. that should have been turned down slightly to once every other or every few criticals especially in tps. i cant remember how it is in bl2.

they certainly should not have removed them to the extent they did do as it has not improved the game in any way shape or form an only made it a lil bit worse an less fun to play using that build. the decision made makes no sense wot so ever. especially when gearbox an Randy are always saying how they dont listen to the vocal minority on the forum an dont base their decisions for the game on what that so called small crowd of players says.

i really hope gearbox can at least revert it back to how it used to be or if not just change it so it was not quit as frequent although i doubt this will happen one can hope lol. its one thing making it happen less often as it was probably required. its another to make it just go away an never happen an almost be completely removed altogether.

There is. You can turn off player callouts in the audio options from the main menu. Your character will be mostly silent if you do that. Apparently that didn’t work for Krieg back then, but I’m not sure. That’s probably why they decided on patching his monologues out.

I have been leveling up a Gaige for the first time over the last month… and I cannot for the life of me understand how his ranting (I’ve only seen in vids) got patched, but Gaiges horrifying shrieks everytime she gets a dot didn’t.

It’s horrible

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I’m aware of this. I’m just talking about Krieg specifically. Made me sad panda when he got turned into a mute.

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