Anyone miss the old days of complaining about IB /Fl4k pet scaling and vertical split screen?

Man… those seem like such simpler and better days now. We were so innocent, so naive, so fortunate without even knowing it. If only we knew how bad things were going to get with M2.0…

… seems like a life time ago. Wish I can go back and slap my past self across the face for daring to whine and moan over something, that compared to the issues we have today, was so minor .


why not go back even further and see the topics being argued like epic exclusive, fl4ks gender, supmatto and 2k, first ever nerf - pipe bomb, etc. etc.


good times, so much excitement and hype, whenever i feel bad about the game i just watched this teaser (best trailer for me).


Yes pre covid,playing DLC 1 and having a blast,things are kinda derailed at the moment but i’m still not giving up hope that we get back on track,i for one look to see if the second part of the update puts us in a better place,i have nothing left but hope

I miss the days when I could join my friends from the character selection, and the game didn’t crash one of us at least once an hour. Ah, Sept 2019, you were great.

I’d even take unavoidable Bloody Harvest, if it meant a more stable game.


Definitely miss playing with my best medecine bro for 93 hours from Steam launch without crashing every 10 minutes and uninstalling a game I loved a mere month later

yeah … and the stupid unscaled ads sensitivity and acceleration on console . well i just sorta adapted it over time .

in my test , the base sensitivity is too slow and they get around it with acceleration which makes my aim inconsistent.

i dont use aim assist soo i kinda make a big deal out of it

oh yeah remember how zane still sucks without seein dead and fake grasp do harm TTB amara exists? yeah i member

Zane may have been hurting but we All still played him and had a blast!! I was running a cold Warrior… Ah the good old days :grin: