Anyone more Cheese than Ernest right now?

Nearly every game in which I come across Ernest goes the same way. He hides around a corner or behind a wall and indiscriminately lobs grenades, tosses bombs, and eventually chucks his ultimate blindly in hopes of hitting someone. It’s such a nuisance. I suppose that’s his role, but the fact that he seems to encourage playing in such a Cheese manner makes me frustrated. Then you get the players who use his Cheese to try to take down the sentry. It’s just irritating me to the point that I wish he didn’t exist as a character.

I have seen a handful of Ernest players not play as total cheesers but it’s been rare, at least for me. What have other people’s experience with Ernest been like. Is it just me?

personally i kind of like what you’re calling “cheese” because it lets me be creative in attacking…

however the only thing that annoys me is the overgrowth lobbing grenades over the wall some benedict players like to stand on


Actually no, he pretty much is the worst thing to happen to this game since release Alani.

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I think the only reason people feel like that is his kit is so unique, so far supports have only been healers or shielders

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This character isn’t a support.

His kit doesn’t even remotely function in a way that is supporting. All he does is be abusively oppressive objective wise and completely shut out any and all melee in the game.


his power egg enables him to help make a push more effective correct? now i’ll concede that people can be cheap using him. but that’s map geometry for the issue you’re thinking of.

It does, but it could just be a self buff and the net result would be the same. The defensive side of the egg goes completely unused the entire game. None of its perks get taken. Also the majority of the effective perks for egg are really just Ernest specific.

So you end up just having a really buffed up Ernest that plows whatever moves. I just want to know who thought 140 base damage was okay. At least with benny his early rocket AoE is so low he’ll maybe connect with two minions. Ernest fires down the lane and hits the entire wave three times and its gone.

it could be, but the same could be said of any deployable support ability correct?

either the damage or the radius on the grenades should go down yes. but where will be the happy medium?

look at it this way,

ernest is an aoe specialist. he’s the BOMB SQUAD/DEMOLITIONS of the battleborn.

so for all we know when the next patch comes out his damage may go down as well.

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[quote=“hexhammer, post:5, topic:1546147”]
His kit doesn’t even remotely function in a way that is supporting. All he does is be abusively oppressive objective wise and completely shut out any and all melee in the game.
[/quote]If he’s being ignored and allowed to harass from a distance, sure. Get in his face as melee and he’s toast; his only escape ability, and I use that term loosely, is his explosive charge (which is normally on cooldown thanks to being far too useful to disrupt fights to not use whenever it’s up) and his ult takes so long to come out he’s usually dead before it finishes animating when used defensively.
It’s well worth killing the Power Egg he’s huddled against if you’re going for him, it’ll severely lower his damage output and, while he likely has another off cooldown, the next one will be a while coming and even helix’d those things do not have much in the way of HP.

Also, keep in mind his grenades don’t detonate on first impact, they only explode if they hit a target or if they time out (ie, are lying somewhere in a ditch), so unlike Benedict he can’t shoot at your feet to hit you with splash damage- moving and jumping is very effective at making much of the grenades bounce past you. When playing Ernest I fear a good Mellka because every time she’s in my face I have no idea where to shoot.


My only gripe to this statement, is that a decent Ernest will never give any melee the oppourtunity to get in their face.
So as a melee, you arrive at the chokepoint, you see the nades laying all over the ground.
You can try to find an alternate route around but then you run the risk of over exposure to the other enemy teammates ranged or if you do make it to Ernest, your cut off from your own teammates an face a potential 2+v1.
You can press through the chokepoint and the nades, eat all that damage an as soon as you start to poke around the cornor, Ernest litters the ground between himself and you an starts backing up keeping you in LoS.
Do you attempt the chase? Youll most likely die from various reasons, or you can retreat to safety back around the cornor choke, an then your paltry push was meaningless.
If i had a full team of mics and coordination, maybe Ernest wld be less threatening, but as of now, competent teammates and communication are far and few inbetween to find.

you do realize that the grenades can be destroyed except for his ultimate right?

and with your example you could replace the ernest with ANY other character as far as the potential 2v1 goes.

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…do i just…punch them?(i main attikus) their just laying there on the ground can i even get close enough to hit em without em hitting me?


As far as the example though no other character holds a choke point like ernest does though. Except maybe kleese.

Played against an Echelon team last night that had Ernest, Kleese, Ambra (and Ghalt + Orendi, if you hadn’t shuddered enough already.) We pushed them numerous times right up to sentry, but that rift + sunspot network, buffed with the egg, and defended with shadowfires, mines, long-range grenades, and hook-traps was just too much in the end.

They played well and didn’t do anything cheap (keeping in mind Ernest and Kleese can do some pretty sleazy stuff on Echelon), so I was fine with losing. But not having brought an AE-heavy comp to counter it, there really wasn’t much we could do. I went 12-1 or something as Mellka and it still didn’t matter. Just couldn’t push.

That’s one the frustrating things about Incursion - it encourages teams to bunker down, and a scratch on the sentry can be all that decides a 30 minute game. In a mode like that, the cheese will always feel cheesier. Why people prefer it to Meltdown I’ll never know :frowning:


if proximity fuse is on you’re gonna have a hard time. if it’s before level 6 you can definitely punch them and as long as he doesn’t activate it you can destroy it(like 2 hits i think, maybe a third).

and this is true, but what map only has one choke point? overgrowth actually has 3 points 2 attack from
(bunker, sniper or the choke) playing as attikus i see your pain. i’d strategize it more for rath to disrupt his defense for the whole team to push forward and so i’m going to write it from my idea of rath(i’ll add side thoughts that might work for attikus but i’m less experienced with him and it’d rely on his ulti i’d bet.)

now as rath if the enemy team is locked into the choke i’d just flank, go through the bunker. round the corner(where ever the ernest is. gotta get a rough idea for that before you do.) and cataclysmic smash him and that’d break the hold at least temporarily.(remember a moments break on the hold is all it takes to displace the fight.) at that point how to proceed depends on your team comp. but since i play with friends a lot i’ll take disruptor tactics and let them follow through like a dam breaking.

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On the first sentry, Echelon might as well have only one choke point, given that the sentry is so close to the stinger that it very quickly nukes anyone who tries to push in from around the shard at the side…

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very true, on echelon me and friends actually play all supports many times.
Kleese, Ambra, Miko, Reyna, and Alani.(or now) Ernest.

using that team comp you can kind of follow the same strategy except moving straight through as opposed to flanking. and that’s a fair point, i’m just pointing out counter answers. ambra rushes and uses staff slam to break the line. then everyone follows through attacking on the go.

but your counter example is completely fair

Agreed. I love him, but not for the supporty reasons I was expecting

A lot of people use the slow from what I’ve seen. It’s super annoying

I use the defensive egg mode almost exclusively when I play Ernest. I hope it doesn’t catch on, because that mode is actually far superior to the attack mode in every way.

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