Anyone need a Lv 50 Bloodletter? I have two to trade

Looking for Lv 50 Incendiary Lyuda

GT: Starfall Shadow

I could use one for my alt. I’ll send you my better Lyudas.

GT is Burn1ngZ0mb1eZ

I could give you a caustic shredifier or a shock one both level 50

I have a vicious non elemental lyuda

Actually found 2 last night no longer need one thanks tho

I’ve got a fire shreddifier I’d trade for one.

i too have a shredifier to trade

I’ve traded one for the Super Shredifier already. I’m hunting for an incendiary Lyuda for the last one.

You don’t need the Lyuda I sent you?

I haven’t been on today yet. Busy with errands. I’ll check it out now.

Edit: Just saw it. I wasn’t too fond of the accuracy loss and 2 ammo per shot, and really I’m still hoping someone has an incendiary Lyuda to trade. Sorry.