Anyone need help leveling in bl2? or tps?

Opening this up… i’m bored and looking to party up.

Send me a message on xbone… and I will help you out… this should last for about 2 hours after this post goes live…

if you read this tomorrow I will not be reading or responding to xb messages.

One other thing… if you ask me for help… have a mic… Or I will Bail.

K got it…

Lets rock.

gt HuntingKnight

Ok with xbox live… fing up… this will be done agaon and soon… just not right now.

I’m leveling 47 I have almost all things op 8 on bl2 but am trying to level in TPS if you want to join (WilyAlphaWolf) is my gamertag

I’m level 47 and I’m tryin to beat EOS. My gamer tag is Big Keesha. I’ve been trying to beat him for a week

For the presequel

Hey can you help me power level my Doppelganger in tps? He’s currently level 18. My gamer tag is ZeroG585