Anyone need op5-op8?

So I’m carrying my Axton through the last 4 OP levels of Digistruct Peak, but it’s kinda getting boring. Was wondering if anyone else needs these runs as well?

PSN: PlayDeadShig

i would later op4-op8

Groovy, fire me a friend request when you’re ready to go.

I have an Axton and a Kreig that need them. I’ve been carrying them too so their gear is pretty ass though. Happy to trade runs.

I ended up doing it last night using my GF’s Gunzerker and some split screen action. Walked Axton in to the peak and let him get destroyed while I blasted everything with her DPUH / Moxxxi combo and a second controller. It was kinda my plan all along to do that, but I wanted to know if anyone wanted to come along for the ride, and get some easy OP levels in the process. Sorry you both couldn’t make it, but fire me a message on PSN if you both need some Digistruct Peak help. I’d be more than happy to help you out with a few runs. :smile:

I do the same thing, run my zerker through solo until the very end then bring the other character in and split screen the very end. I’ll be on tonight to get Axton his last 2 levels, I’ll shoot you a friend request when I get home.