Anyone need R4kk P4k Mods?

Looking for: (anointed only)

Face puncher
Death grip
Bad/good Juju
Kings call
Carders emp

Or any other weapons. I’m open to most but really only want anointed.

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I need a Rakk pack. Have King’s Call with 50% Cryo ASE, Hellwalker with 100% damage ASE, Venomous Hornet with 100% damage ASE. Cryo Lucian with consecutive hits anointment.

i have an anointed maggie +50% dammage when enemies are under 25% health
and many anointed :
occultist, breeder, foursume, hornet, nemesis, unforgiven, baby maker, flood, companion
vanquisher, reaper, crossroad, devoted, cutsman
lucian’s and rowan’s call, sickle, lazer sploder, helix
hellwalkers, trevanator, fearmongers, face puncher, kill o the wisp, recursion, conf call, flakker

and some anointed shields and grenade mods (hex cryo, shock…)

Rude Gael you already have a R4kk P4k :-). I have other anointed just through those out there.

Got one now!

sure but i need many rakk pak mods
and you know, i could trade one with you

perfect !

I have a maggie with 100% weapon damage on action skill end, and facepuncher with 300% weapon damage increase after phaseslam. You wanna lemme get that r4kk p4k mod pleeeeaseeee?
PSN: dboilogilogz

Also have
fire cutsman with 50% bonus fire dmg on ASE end,
corrosive cutsman with 50% bonus radiation on ASE,
venomous nemesis with 50% bonus shock on ASE,
shocking trained kaos with 50% bonus shock on ASE,
cost-effective -optimized-q-system(1033x2 DMG) with 50% bonus cryo on ASE,
searing reflexive hail with 175% crit damage,
Cryo faisor with 5% weapon damage on kill for 25 seconds, effect stacks
Dictator with x6 instead of the normal x3 so yeaaa drop the bipod and spraayyyyyyyyyy
Vicious Lyuda with 125% weapons damage against badass, named, boss enemies on ASE.
Phasezerker COM with 3 in Anima, 31% increased SMG damage, 31% increased shotgun damage and 25% increased weapon damage.

PSN: SUHprizeNooB

Add me and we can work something out. Interested in the Maggie.

Okay, ill add you when I go home in a few hours and just mail you the maggie. I honestly don’t care too much about trading for specific loot because the variety is sooo biiiigggggg. Long story short if I got something you want, you can have it, and I always appreciate when others do the same, soooo yea once i see you accept the friend request i send it through.

I have a maggie that gives 50%cryo on ASE if your still looking

You have the one I’m looking for?

Yes, I have that one

I don’t believe that’s the exact mod I had in my pic



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You’re correct. It’s better.

Yeah it’s a great one but I have it already. I like collecting the variants.

I’d take that one. I got Maggie with 100% Rakk attack. Plus others with Rakk attack. Not the ones you’re looking for. But I do have a brainstormer with 100% ase, a very underrated weapon.

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