Anyone need the new Zane mod?

Not the best roll. “Cheap Shot Seein’ Dead”
+13 fire rate
+25 Torgue weapon reload
+20 shock resistance
Not looking for anything. If you wanna bless me with some dope Zane gear thatd be dope, if not. No biggie :slight_smile:

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Wow, that is a bad roll. The Firerate is great, if your a torque player great and i don’t even use the ones with resistance, a waste, i look for DPS. Too bad, i will be farming tonight. See what i get. I have some awesome ones form before DLC if you need anything

Yeah, it’s a poop roll but i got blessed with 2. Figured i’d help a Zane out. loll
New mod is crazy powerful. If you don’t have one, it’s def worth grinding.
Want me to send it? I’m still looking for an antifrreze mod if you have any extra.

I think i do, i will check tonight.

I appreciate it! If i get some more to drop for me i will let you know.
My GT is McBurgerDeluxe :smiley: