Anyone need this before I toss it?

Free to a good home lol add me ps4 username is calebismybro, looking for elemental projectors/Otto idol, victory rush etc.

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moments like this made me wish i had a ps4

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Yeah I kind of like that weapon
Got an awesome Otto idol tho.

Do you have an Maggie 100 ASE or/and a redline with bonus damage annointment?

PSN: Krezniq

I’d love to have that Lyuda.

I have a 100% ASE Maggie.

What’s your ps4 username?


Sorry for not replying buddy, had a lot of stuff to do in RL. If you would want to trade that Maggie, let me know what you would want for it. Greetz K.

Sent you a friend request on psn if you’ve got a good elemental projector or driver mod with good perks that would be great.

Or any decent phasecast gear.

I’ll accept the request, gimme a few minutes to look through my vault

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Any anointed transformers, stop gaps or back hams would be great too.


do u still have your maggie ? (i have anointed transformers and stop gaps)

What’s your PlayStation username?