Anyone nice enough to help me get back on track in BL2

So i recently picked up The Handsome Jack collection for Xbox one. And i thought my data and all that other stuff would transfer without me having to do anything. Like what call of duty does when you move on to next gen. i put the disc in and found out about the cloud save thing so i went back to Gamestop to buy borderlands 2 for 360. i put borderlands 2 in the 360 i found out that my whole data was gone. So i had hope miracle happen to get my data back but nothing. i was a level 52, mecromancer and had almost every legendary because a guy gave them away to me and a bunch of people. I really dont feel like starting over. So if anyone would be nice enough to help me out or even better, boost me up and help me get my lost legendaries. You can message me at JamiesProdigy27 Thanks!