Anyone NOT having any issues?

I’ve been playing on and off for 2 days, for about an hour a time, I’ve just hit Sanctuary after doing loads before and I’ve not had any problems at all save for a slight bit of stutter when going in the inventory.

All I’ve seen on Twitter is people having issues, and loads on here. So how many of us are just enjoying the game without any complications?

For context I’m playing on a slim PS4 1tb with about 400gb space free, with the disc version of the game. I did have an hour on my PS4 last night but gave up due to the same reason I usually give up on it - the noisy fan that sounds like it’s trying to recreate Sanctuarys flying trick in BL2.

Is the digital version causing more issues? I know PC players seem to be having a real nightmare.


I’m on PC and I haven’t come across a single technical issue. My only thing is when I increase the UI size, the health bars cover the enemies, which is annoying. But the game runs like butter for me.

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IN general it’s working fine for me on Xbox and PS4. Minor bugs in the UI and so one, but nothing major.

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Been playing the crap outta it since it came out. 1 crash and some occasional pop-in on textures. Other than those 2 things its been smooth sailing. Love this game so far.

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im on ps4 and im having no issues outside of the usual graphic load that these graphics need when initially loading in. but outside that the game works fine and looks amazing. so issues must be linked to a certain type of pc or some pieace of hardware.

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I’m on Xbox…no issues…the menus feel slow…but nothing that I can’t live with.

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I’m on a decent gaming PC. 11 hours - 9 solo, 2 co-op. I’m geting a solid 100fps with most settings on Ultra. No crashes. No glitches.

I’d like some metrics on the proportion of those having problems against those happily playing the game. I suspect too much is being made of what issues there are.

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On xbox as well. Besides being slow in menus sometimes, not all the times, I’ve had no problems. I’m having tons of fun playing it.

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Not a single issue here on PC. 15 hours played.

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PC here, other than one game lock up early on, and a few minor UI bugs with overlapping text, and a very laggy unoptimized inventory screen, its been ok.

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I’ve played it on PC for about 15 hours, had one crash to desktop but that’s all. (and thankfully, I respawned at the checkpoint, not the fast travel station like in the previous games). Well there was one glitch where item icons in your inventory were all messed up, but they patched that within 15 minutes or so after launch.

I haven’t had a single issue on my desktop 2700x with radeon 7 and 2k resolution and freesync. I’m in the process of loading it on my laptop i7 8750h nvidia 1070. We’ll see if completely different hardware causes my problems. Plus different windows builds. My other machine I haven’t tried because of it only having a 1700x and a 1060 3gb and it will probably run like ■■■■ on ultra

I have performance issues on Nvidia GTX1080, Intel i7 7700K, 16gb Of Ram. I have had the game crash twice both times in the backpack menu, it stutters decently, I get frame drops when looking certain directions in certain areas. I really hope they fix these issues soon otherwise I enjoy the game

I have an issue…Moxxi aged!! EDIT: Tanis is even worse…It’s time to visit Dr.Zed…

Jokes aside, I had one issue when space fuel truck would not drive every time I exited it, so I had to destroy it and respawn a new one…other than that game runs okay on PS4pro and normal PS4.

Been playing since launch and have few visual bugs like eyes when you leave inventory kinda scary haha. Performance issues having very few like low fps but just for few sec nothing like everyone’s having.
my rig:
gpu: nvidia gtx 1660ti
cpu i-5 intel 9600k
ram: 16gb

My only real issue is aiming on xbox…otherwise it runs fine in general

So I was doing the dinner mission and got hit with a crt save error and after I loaded my char back I got everything exp my 10 gold keys I had is there any way to recover them???

The game has huge stutter problems it’s ALMOST unplayable and i have read people with high end pc’s are having the same stutter problems so it has to be an optimization problem.

Im missing a lot of heads and skins to I just checked… and my bank is empty of all the gear I had in it ><

Im running an 8th gen i7 with 16 Gb ram and the 6Gb Gtx 1060. Even with frame rates outputting nicely above 110 and display settings at low everything, this game stutter is making me seriously ill. Ive tried everything. Every other game I can run high or even ultra high display settings and still have smooth frames above 90fps. This is killing me.