Anyone NOT having any issues?

Xbox 1 here

No prob so far…

Edit: I crashed after coming back from a break. Not sure if it was something that would have happened if I kept playing.

I was using another application during the hiatus

No problems so far on the regular XBOne. Not even aiming issues.

Play on ps4 sound continues to disappear and certain missions suffer from glitches

I am on PC and got about 4 hours in before having issues. I have above the recommended specs and am getting single digit FPS, so I am not playing until a patch is released. Pretty disappointed.

Im on a ps4 pro and have had nothing but issues. Menus crazy slow to load. The ability menu is very bad at times almost totally freezing before slowly starting to load menu. Had a bug that somehow duped my equipped guns so had exact copies equipped and in inventory. Another bug my equipped guns wouldn’t show and looked like my hands where out holding an invisible gun. Only easy to fix was to reload game. Another bug were zoned on vehicle and I was in gunner seat. After zoned I loaded under the map. When I jumped off vehicle I spawned back above the map then everyone I reentered vehicle I was under map again. Again only reloading game fixed this.
Top all this with an absolute garbage rng system. Playing with son and he’s looted about 10 legendary items to my 0. Zones are confusing as hell and markers are no help figuring out where to go. Other areas have zero markers and we spent over an hour just trying to find whatever it was the game wanted us to kill.

Suffice it to say this game is broken from where I sit. Everything needs to be retuned. Bugs need to be fixed. Game in general is garbage. Ive already uninstalled and deleted the game. $100 down the drain for a franchise ive always loved. Back to bl2 I guess.

One crash, very occasional hitch in the frame rates, but otherwise no problems. The game is very playable, and holds my attention well, enjoying it quite a bit. About 15 hours play time.

CPU - Intel Core 15-4670 (4 core 4 thread Haswell running stock (no overclock)
RAM - 8GB GDDR3 1600
GPU - GTX 1080Ti
Storage - 2x SATA SSDs in RAID 0

Finally ran into my first bug (PC) - had a trash mob that wouldn’t die…I think he had like 1 health left but nothing I could do would kill him. I let him chase me around for awhile while doing the coffee quest then zoned out to get rid of him.

All of my Super Deluxe, and Pre order items do 0 damage, have 0 shields, 0 recharge, 0 everything. I also used a shift code “for 3 keys” and got 0 keys. Game is UNPLAYABLE. I bought 4 copies of the 99.99 for my family. AM NOT HAPPY.

the fatal error I got took everything exp what I have on me just got the collect 10 heads ach and only have 3 I cant even change the look of my char cause if I do ill lose the 277 arid skin I bought and the death head
I rly hope they get this all fixed im scared to farm abuch of stuff just to lose it all again

Ok finally tried it on my laptop 8750h i7 with a gtx 1070 and it ran as good as my desktop 2700x radeon 7 machine. I played for a few hours on it. Exact same settings of course the 1070 is slightly slower than the radeon 7. I must be one of the really lucky ones. I feel bad for everyone having problems. Nothing is overclocked. I may throw a rx 580 in the 1700x machine and see how that runs it too. I always have problems with new games this is strange.

No problems here. Since EGS doesn’t have their own forums, im guesing most people without issues are busy playing.

I’m not having any issues. Game runs awesome and I don’t think I’ve encountered any bugs yet.
GTX 1660 6gb, i5 9400f, 16gb ddr4 specs

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So you can adjust ui scaling in pc? But not console lol

Glad to see there’s many others not suffering problems with the game. If I went by Twitter alone, and I’d not already bought the game, I wouldn’t have touched it with a bargepole to be honest. All I’ve seen since late Thursday night is people kicking off and complaining. Like I did with Anthem, which I intended to buy but swerved it completely after seeing tales of it bricking consoles. I gave it a go eventually on EA access but it must have been heavily patched as it had no technical problems, it was just boring.

I had a tiny issue today with BL3 but nothing major, my Jabber went missing/got stuck somewhere on the map after meeting Maya.

If that’s the worst bug I get I’ll be happy, I had umpteen issues with BL2, the worst one being if I got a message while playing or a friend request, my toon would freeze, the game would carry on playing perfectly fine in the background, just my character wouldn’t move and my pad inputs had 0 effect meaning I had to dashboard and close the game - that happened loads of times over the years, on 2 different consoles.

I really hope they’re working on patches already to get the crashes fixed ASAP, it must absolutely suck to wait 7 years for a game and then have it not work when you finally get your hands on it. Having to avoid spoilers and whatnot while all your mates are happily grinding away. I felt jealous seeing my pals play it for the few hours I didn’t have it, I’d be raging now after 3 days.

If anyone is on PS4, and can’t get their own copy up and running for whatever reason, feel free to drop me a message and I’ll share play it, I’ve got Plus and a super fast broadband so it should work no problem as long as Gearbox hasn’t blocked it in the game.

Ryzen 2600,rx580,16 gig, Amara and Fl4k both at lvl 12 in Promethea with maybe 30 crashes so far, tried all the posted fixes to no avail. Very disappointed. Back to bl2 until patch arrives. Glad I only bought standard edition to not work properly.

No issues, PC user. AMD Ryzen 3700 X, GeForce GTX 1660, Win 10 64 bit, 16 gig ram.

Game has been fine for me so far too, 35 hours played with no issues at all. i9, 2080ti, 32gb, ssd, running at 4k res at 60fps.

It’s better than at launch imo.

Regarding spawning at last checkpoints, that is a very nice feature that almost makes me overlook the others.

And some maps are HUGE, and very nicely designed. Like Aurelias mansion, and there isn’t even a load screen. That’s alot of assets and textures in a single map.

i played 20h straight with only 2 game crashes and one was actually a pop up that allowed me to continue to play without a HUD. 24h later and i get 10 system crashes and uncountable game crashes. Now today i have had another 5-7 system crashes and the game has crashed maybe 10 times.