Anyone NOT having any issues?

I had to spend a few minutes at start tinkering with advanced controller settings to take care of character drift and tighten up the gunplay.

I also get a slight lag while changing through menus.

Other than that, I’ve been super pleased with playing on PlayStation.

Im on PC with specs:
Graphics: RX 5700 8GB

Processor: Ryzen 5 2600x

RAM: 16GB Team T-Force Vulcan 2x8 3200Mhz

Storage: 120 GB Kingston; 2TB Seagate HDD (Games on HDD)

Motherboard: ASUS ROG STRIX x470-F GAMING
Runs good overall 60+ fps on max settings. I have gotten a jutter here and there but nothing serious.
Adrenalin drivers 19.9.2 is said to increase bl3 performance on pc considerably. Would recommend AMD users update to that

Playing split screen on xbox is terrible. multiple problems with enemies not spawning, missions getting stuck. UI elements disappearing.

Only minor stuff solo. Had a boomerang tedior gun get stuck boomeranging. Had an npc phaselock bubble stick around after the badguy died.

My pet went missing yesterday for a whole level playthrough, and the subtitles have now gone weird, covering the entire screen from left to right in bold, cyan text and missing out words at the beginning and end.

That’s all I’ve had so far, and neither I’d consider major problems, the pet thing happened all the time with Deathtrap on Bl2, and the subtitle one is actually a positive for me cos I can now see them :smiley: helps when someone is yammering on with mission details over the Echo whilst a gunfight is happening.

Still had no crashes or game breaking issues, in fact I’ve had less problems the past 3 days than a typical weekend on BL2.

I really hope the tech dudes at Gearbox are quickly figuring out what’s going wrong for so many people and why it’s not affecting others at all. My PS4 has had problems with so many games at launch so I’d have put a bet on that I’d suffer issues before most people, so I’m surprised it’s all going well. My best pal who’s got the exact same slim ps4 as me from the same batch (bought on release day from the same shop) hasn’t had any problems at all either and he’s 23 levels above me so played far longer than me (the perks of being single and going to a retail store game launch I guess), and we’re both using the disc version of the game.

nothing realy , some stuttering at times, but that is expect considering I am playing on an old pc, what aint so powerful.

Ps4 Pro here, minor framedrops but I play at 60 fps so is barely noticeable. No game breaking bugs, but i had trouble a couple of times not resurrecting when my pet kills an enemy.

So no big issues here, enjoying the game.

I’ve played around 50 hours and no issues whatsoever.

Right now, I haven’t had any issues besides like one crash. Even then, whenever I rebooted the game and loaded back in, I found out I didn’t lose progress, but instead gained some. It was just a little bit though, just skipping to the next stage of dealing with “horde” enemies type of deal in a main mission.

Finally had my first crash last night…happened while swapping a weapon out of combat. Didn’t lose anything but a couple minutes worth of time (was at a save point).

Thats with 25+ hours on 2 characters.

PC player here. I haven’t had any major issues so far and I just completed my first Normal campaign. Some stuttering and small freezes occasionally, but I attribute that to my not-that-powerful computer and my insistence on playing borderlands with other things on the background.

playing co-op and no real issues, aside from a little lag looking at menus

I’ve had 0 issues running on a launch PS4. The system runs more quietly with Borderlands than any other game in recent memory.

PC player here and the only issue I have had has been the talent tree icons freezing from time to time when trying to drag them to action bar.

No issues so far, on xbox one

I’ve been playing on PC, and have encountered very few issues. The only real problem was a graphical glitch where some loot was flying around during a particularly emotional cutscene. It sort of killed the vibe.

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this is my only big issue. I didnt ge to use any of the guns we got cause they are all glitched out.

Only issue I had on PC, was the game suddenly crashed when I tried to swap weapons in my inventory. But the game saved right where I was, so nothing was lost. Guess I just got lucky?

I wouldn’t call this a bug, but something that should be looked in to once most of the major bugs are worked out. Not a fan of NPCs following you in to cramped spaces and blocking your only path of exit. Looking at you, Maya.