Anyone notice the name of Zane's final form skin?

So, the name of Zane’s final form skin is “Assassin One”. This reminds of the quest you do in Borderlands 2 on Wam Bam Island where each of the vault hunters get a message. For Zero, he gets a cryptic message from 0ne. Do you think that Assassin One is Zane’s alter ego and that he sent the message to Zero? He seems to have already known Zero previously.

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i dont think this is the case since it is supposed to be them if they didnt become vault hunters. so i think it means maybe he takes ONE’s place if he stayed on his path. 2nd only to ZER0.

At least thats how id take it.

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Well seeing as we don’t know much of anything about Zer0s past or what he might have been up to before he started cutting up bandits across the galaxy it is possible there is some sort of clan like the league of shadows but in space that trains Assassins for a cause. Maybe Zer0 was one of them, maybe who ever trained Zer0 was one of them, maybe it is just a coincidence.

Regardless I don’t think it would be much of a stretch for a universe like Borderlands to have some kind of John Wick or Ra’s al ghul type organization. Given how much GBX loves nerd and geek culture references we could see this pop up in a future DLC or game.

As I recall Randy Varnell said BL3 wasn’t the war the Observer from BLTPs eluded to. Having lose concepts like that give them a ton of room to play when they are actually writing there next installments!

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