Anyone notice there is an annoying cov delay?

Started noticing this last week or so. On amara when I perform a melee attack and then shoot my cov weapon there is a significant delay in start shooting. It’s really annoying. I’m literally waiting a good 3 seconds or so for my gun to start firing after a melee attack. Happens only with cov weapons.

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The delay is because Cov weapons use an engine. So you literally are starting them up whenever your character switches to them, even when switching from melee to gun.

It can suck in battle if you forget about that brand mechanic. However I find it to be a fun idiosyncrasy of the brand. That is also why COV guns overheat and break.

Interesting. It wasn’t always like that at launch. It was changed recently. It’s disappointing though because it really disrupts the flow of combat. I just don’t use them anymore because of the delay.

If you get a CoV weapon with melee damage, it may alleviate the problem since you wouldn’t “switch” away from the weapon to do a melee attack.

COV guns have worked this way since launch. However some have quicker start times, or melee parts that make transitioning between firing and melee more seemless. My guess is you were using some with melee parts, but found a better COV gun that you switched to but it doesn’t have a melee part? If so that would be why you didn’t notice the mechanic until recently.

My suggestion is just experiment with the different COV guns until you find one that works for you. As said above try one with melee bonuses as melee normally doesn’t mess wit heir their firing function much. Also as a suggestion if you are wanting them for a melee build I would avoid MOST COV heavy weapons.

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Yeah. It’s bearable but not feeling good. Pistols have much shorter delays which I prefer of CoV franchise.

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is it just me or when you use a cov weapon to melee (linoge, psycho stabber) there is also a delay? it is not happening to me when i melee with a buttplug or any other bladed weapons.