Anyone noticed this?

I found out this annoying thing just last month, and thanks @Rendroc for confirming that i never messesd anything in my files.

Basically, Baker’s rank change… Mostly from Private to Plt. Sgt.

Yeah… “Sgt” Matt baker -_-

Yeah this is something major I’ve noticed in Road to Hill 30. Baker’s rank on his uniform is dependent on the soldier next to him. In the sample weapon maps, since Red is the only AI squad member avaliable, Baker will have Corporal Stripes. While recording my story playthrough of RTH30, this nags me so much and I can’t think of how to fix it.

My hypothesis is that the gbxplayerstart has him set to a default player character with no rank. Since there is only one player character in RTH30, this isn’t so much of a problem, but for whatever reason it takes the rank of the person next to him. In Earned in Blood, Gearbox added a Character selection (so that way Hartsock has the appropriate rank for each part of the game and it shows up in situational awareness as Sgt. Joe Hartsock, Cpl. Joe Hartsock, etc.)

Also another thing I have to nitpick is his uniform is the default one rather than his own “Baker” uniform which has a M1923 Cartridge Belt, Bandolier, Bayonet and .45 Holster.

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Yeah, i noticed that too, i don’t think it’s a huge problem, but i can understand why it would be annoying for some

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Never noticed that…well, that may be a problem.
Don’t know why gearbox made all so complicated…Why do not make just a single uniform skin per character? -.-’’

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So after brainstorming ways to fix this while walking home from work, I figured out a immediate but not perfect fix. In the editor, I created a test uniform for Baker, using his grid (which determines what appears on the uniform, like ammo, holsters, etc), the no rank version of the paratrooper patches (so that way stripes dictated by the charactersetup do not appear), and the generic para_body with one edit. I added on sergeant stripes to where it would approximately be. It’s an imperfect solution (it appears deformed at some points), but the key thing is it does not change. It will always appear as Sergeant stripes.


The downsides Include the fact you’d need to specifically set the skin in the display portion of the playerstart in order to reflect this change, and that would mean potentially going through every map to change the playerstart skin. Soon enough I’ll release the uniform edits I’ve been working on which will include those changes done for you.

A more permanent fix would be finding the default character the playerstart uses and somehow making sure it’s rank is set to sergeant rather than nothing or whatever it is set to. I’ll spend some time digging around later.


Nice idea, Sir Coolman.

I might also want to suggest that you add some dirt to your custom model, like the vanilla ones, they appear more somewhat darker and dirty in the later parts.

But this isn’t really necessary.

Just to add up, I think Gbxplayerpawn is what your looking for.

Peace out

Thanks Warrior,

The clean one you see in the screenshot is just the base para outfit that you can see the night of D-Day up until a bit after D-day +1. Once I’m satisfied with the way the stripes are pasted on, I’ll add them all to the dirty version of the uniforms (labeled us_para_a and para_b).


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